The Best Holiday Destinations: Where to Visit in 2022

Has the travel bug bitten you yet? Fancy doing something a little different in 2022? We’re with you on that one.

But where can you even get started with ideas for your next holiday or adventure?

Look no further, we’ve put together a collection of some of the best holiday destinations in 2022. Whether you’re an adventure junkie looking for the next thrill or you’re a foodie who loves to spend time wandering markets and taking in the smells and sounds, we’ve got something for you. 

Best For Families

Corfu, Greece

Angsana Corfu

The famous Greek Islands typically enjoy bright, dry, and sunny weather, from spring through to autumn. So, for a family holiday, Corfu is a wonderful choice. You can find yourself a quiet corner to relax on the pebbly beaches with beautiful views, or explore the buzzing streets of the old town, complete with some interesting historical sites.

One of the best ways to spend a day together is exploring the Ionian Sea, spotting hidden coves and maybe dolphins breaching in the distance. Boat trips are a brilliant day out, and your kids are sure remember these moments for years to come.

When to Go 

The Greek islands are undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world for a summer holiday with your family. The most popular for travel are May to October. The rest of the year is considered the off-season, and fewer restaurants and attractions will be open.

We love to venture to Corfu in May, when temperatures are climbing but there’s a more peaceful atmosphere to enjoy.

Flight time from the UK 

It takes around four hours to fly from the UK to the Greek islands. 

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Best For Foodies

Puglia, Italy

Italy and food are pretty much synonymous.

But, one of the country’s less well-known and travelled parts is Puglia, which also happens to be one of the best spots for food-lovers.

The landscape of Puglia is fantastic for agriculture, and as such, they grow excellent fresh produce, from artichokes and courgettes to olive oil and wine. There’s a wide variety of dishes produced here which you’re sure to adore, including the Panzerotto (a softer version of the famous Calzone) and pasta dishes made with delicious vegetables and Orechiette pasta.

It’s not only the food that makes Puglia a fantastic holiday destination. It’s a picturesque area with rugged coastlines set against the Adriatic Sea and a mountainous interior, with its gorgeous villages and towns. Whitewashed buildings and limestone architecture form a backdrop for a sensational experience for all the senses.

Puglia is also home to some of the best beaches in Italy.

When to go

As with most of the European destinations listed here, you’ll find that the best times to visit are early spring, early summer and autumn. The height of the summers can be very hot in Puglia, and it’s a popular place for summer holidays. To avoid the crowds, head to the region in the quieter moments; you’ll still benefit from the warm weather.

Flight time from the UK 

A direct flight from London to Puglia takes around three hours.

Best For City Escapes

Dubai, UAE

One&Only Royal Mirage – The Palace

The atmosphere of Dubai is second to none, making it an ideal spot for a city break. Though the city itself is relatively new, Arabian culture is deep, and you’ll find that there are no bounds to the hospitality of the Emirati people. 

Visit sumptuous local Dubai restaurants and cafes for afternoon treats of Gahwa (coffee) and Medjool Dates. Shop until you drop at the Mall of the Emirates, a fantastic mall full of designer outlets and dining options. Whilst you are here, adventure lovers in your group might want to try indoor skiing, or why not catch a movie at the VOX cinema?

From incredible skyscrapers to breathtaking natural landscapes, Dubai is a glittering jewel in the picturesque desert that’s easily one of the best holiday destinations for your bucket list.

You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to head out of the city into the dunes if that takes your fancy. Visit by Jeep, hot air balloon or camel and learn about some of the most striking landscapes on the planet.

When to Go

Dubai is perfect for a winter holiday. From December through March, you avoid the blazing heat of the summer, but it’s still warm and sunny enough to battle the winter blues. During the summer, the desert climate creates dry heat that reaches well into the ’40s, making it much nicer to be inside in air-conditioned hotels or malls. 

Flight time from the UK

The average flight time to Dubai from the UK is around seven hours. 

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Madrid, Spain

Often overshadowed by its Catalonian sister of Barcelona – we want to inspire you to think about Madrid for your next city break. If you’re looking for laidback relaxation with a casual Spanish vibe, you’ll adore this capital city. 

There’ll never be a dull moment in Madrid; head out and visit the sights, including the Royal Palace, El Retiro Park and the many art and history museums that dot the city. If you’re in the mood for some luxury shopping, visit the Salamanca district, where you’ll find gorgeous boutiques and designer stores abound. If you’re staying with the kids, they’ll love Casa de Campo, reachable by cable car. This park has a Zoo and Aquarium as well as an amusement park!

Whatever your plans, carve out a little time in the afternoon to sit and drink in the beautiful city’s surroundings. Head to a tapas bar or grab a coffee on one of the open-air terraces, and people watch as you sip.

When to go

There are two ideal times to visit Madrid. First off, the spring is delightful in the city. If you stay in April and May, you’ll find the temperature suitable for exploring. Your other option would be Autumn, September and October – the vibrant green city turns a beautiful shade of fiery orange, and the temperatures are still pleasant enough to enjoy the city in all its splendour. 

Flight time from the UK

It only takes around two and a half hours to reach Madrid from London.

Best For Culture Lovers

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the best places to travel for rich history and rugged nature. With a beautiful language derived from Old Norse and extensive folklore, this is a fantastic place to visit for fans of ancient culture. Whilst in Iceland, you can head over to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vatnajökull National Park, a land of volcanos and home to the largest glacier in Europe. 

When to Go 

The type of holiday you’ll have will depend very much on the season you’re planning to travel. Being so high up in the northern hemisphere means that the country has long days in the summer and much shorter days in the winter. 

Head to Iceland during the summer to make the most of a tour under the Midnight Sun; this is the busiest end of the travel season in Iceland for a good reason. If you’d like to enjoy a quieter holiday, then spring and autumn time might suit you better. Iceland has short daylight hours during the winter, but this can be magical in itself – especially if you get a glimpse of the Northern Lights. 

You can also add some pampering to your trip with a stay at The Retreat Hotel, where you can rejuvenate in the geo-thermal waters of the famed Blue Lagoon spa.

Flight time from the UK

One of the shortest flight times on our list, it takes just under three hours to get to Iceland from the UK.

Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo is a fascinating city with endless historical and cultural attractions to visit, including museums, shrines and gorgeous parkland. Relax and unwind at the Onsen or bathhouses or head out on the town to join in the vibrant Tokyo nightlife. 

Tokyo is a perfect location to start a holiday with dazzling lights, beautiful attractions, and fantastic food. Suppose you fancy visiting somewhere outside of the capital? Why not experience the bullet train (shinkansen) to Mt. Fuji or Kyoto.

Japan is a foodie’s paradise, too; anyone who loves intense flavours, comforting foods, and maybe a little spice will love what Japan offers. 

When to Go 

Japan is a seasonal location – for example, one of the best times to visit is spring for the cherry blossom (Sakura) season. It’s also lovely in the autumn when the leaves turn to a burnt orange colour. Japan has hot summers and cold winters, so we often advise visiting in the spring or autumn. 

Flight time from the UK 

A direct flight from the UK to Tokyo in Japan takes around twelve hours.

Best For Adventurers

Western Canada

How about a trip to the second-largest country in the world, famed for its wildlife, freezing temperatures and panoramic vistas?

Canada is, without a doubt, one of our top destinations for an adventure holiday in 2022.

Imagine traversing the wildlands of Western Canada, visiting snowy glaciers, watching bears in their natural habitats, and exploring the Rocky Mountains with some of the most awe-inspiring views in the world. 

Western Canada is made up of Alberta and British Colombia. These two provinces are vast and packed full of amazing sights and adventures. In between all the wilderness, it’s worth visiting some of the western Canadian cities, including Vancouver and Calgary.

Both cities are fantastic starting and endpoints for your journey and have delicious restaurants, vibrant nightlife and plenty of attractions. If you feel like adding to your Canadian overland experience, you could head on the water up to Alaska to visit the fjords and marine wildlife.

When to go

Avoid the summer crowds and visit this area of Canada in the Autumn months. You’ll avoid the coldest weather and see the autumn colours washing across the provinces. Autumn is also the best time to see the bears building their fat stores on the annual salmon run as they prepare for hibernation over the winter. 

Flight time from the UK

Flights from the UK take around 10 hours to get to Vancouver on the Western coast of Canada.


There are plenty of activities to keep any adrenaline junkie intrigued in Australia, including white water rafting, bungee jumping, diving with sharks and trekking. You’ll also be able to escape the dreary UK winter blues and instead bask in the temperate Aussie sunshine!

From red deserts to cosmopolitan cities, reefs, and rainforests to picturesque beaches, it’s no wonder this country is one of the most popular holiday destinations for adventurers. For an unforgettable and genuinely classic experience, see in the New Year at the world-famous celebrations in Sydney – you’ll even be into the next year hours before everyone back home!

When to go

The best time to visit most states regions of Australia is September to April. Travellers to the Kimberley’s Region of Western Australia and the northern region of Northern Territory are recommended to travel between March and September.

Flight Time From the UK 

The flight time between the UK and Australia is around 20 hours. 

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Best for Beach Lovers

Koh Samui, Thailand

Four Seasons Koh Samui

Beach days on the island of Koh Samui are incredible, with shallow warm waters and pristine white sands. The tropical temperatures are perfect for lounging around and dipping in and out of the pool or sea. 

Land on the island, surrounded by aqua blue waters, the island’s hills seem to rise out of the water with coverings of verdant green foliage. The inviting, warm white sand will welcome you to the island; you’ll never want to leave.

If you have a penchant for visiting new places on your holidays, you can visit the islands many shrines, hike up to some of the fantastic viewpoints for beautiful vista views or get your heart pumping as you zipline across the canopy or rock and rope climb up the rock faces of the island.

Many of the resorts and hotels on the islands have a big focus on wellbeing, health and mindfulness. You’ll find plenty of fabulous spas with world-class treatments and activities and exercises to help you unwind or work on your strength and balance. 

When to go

The dry season for Thailand is late December through February; this is also the busiest time of the year on the islands as many people travel on holiday for the lunar new year.

Once you hit April and May, you’re in the Thai hot season with long sunny days that aren’t the best for being out and about all day. The end of the year is the rainy season – Thailand’s tropical climate means there are beautiful, dramatic monsoons, but if you like it to be a bit quieter, the rain happens in a short burst leaving plenty of time to enjoy the beach.

Flight time from the UK

The flight time to Koh Samui is around 15 hours. 

Best for Sports Fans

Abu Dhabi, UAE

For sport and particularly for F1 fans, you’ll want to add Abu Dhabi to your travel plans for 2022. Since its introduction to the F1 circuit in 2009, Abu Dhabi has been one of the hottest destinations for racing. After a tumultuous end to the 2021 season, the planning for November 2022 season finale race has begun. 

If you dream of being there in person to hear the crowds and the noise of some of the worlds fastest cars steaming around the circuit, then we can help. We’ll keep you posted on the latest updates on the 2022 race and let you know when tickets for the grandstand go up for sale.

Watch the race in style with transfers to and from your hotel as well as a day for sightseeing in Abu Dhabi. 

When to go

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be held during the winter of 2022

Flight time from the UK

Flights from the UK take around seven hours.

Hopefully our list has given you a spark of inspiration for your 2022 holiday plans. Our Travel Specialists are experts in their areas and will have all the tips and tricks you need to create the prefect adventure for your family. Each of our holidays is 100% protected with ATOL and ABTA, so your holiday spend is guaranteed and in safe hands.

If you’d like more inspiration on the best places to visit in 2022, contact us to speak to our Travel Specialists.

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