Our Destination Manager in Barbados, Kerin, knows the iconic Caribbean island inside and out. From the hotel managers to the local restauranteurs, she knows the who's who of the island and has spent years making holiday perfection happen for Inspiring Travel guests.

Go behind the scenes with Kerin to gain insight into the exceptional service she provides and the extraordinary lengths she goes to ensure guests have a completely seamless experience on Barbados.


Preparing for your arrival

"The first thing to say about my role is that every day is different. Each guest is unique, and I tailor my service to suit their needs, which makes my day-to-day activities very varied.

Whether they're visiting for the first time or returning to Barbados for the fiftieth time, I really enjoy preparing to receive guests and setting the scene for them."


Mornings are for making arrangements & meeting you

“During the busy season on the island, I’ll usually start my day early, as there are more flights arriving, and therefore, more logistical details I need to take care of.

Much of my morning will be dedicated to administrative tasks, such as reconfirming drivers for airport pick-ups, emailing hotels about incoming guests and making any other reservations that guests have requested.

Next, I’m out the door and on the ground, providing a range of services for guests. I could be heading to the airport to welcome new arrivals onto the island and introducing them to their driver, who will then whisk them away to their resort.

Or I could be making my way to Bridgetown Port to assist Inspiring Travel cruise guests that are either departing or returning to Barbados after a voyage."


Afternoons involve visiting you at our luxury resorts

“In the afternoons, I’ll often visit the luxury hotels where Inspiring Travel guests are staying to ensure their holiday is going exactly to plan.

I pay attention to detail during these visits and have a wide network of local contacts to call upon if guests require any additional support or arrangements.

Visiting our hotels regularly enables me to maintain close relationships with all the staff, so I’m able to get assistance easily and exceed guests’ expectations when it comes to their in-resort experience.

I'll also spend some afternoons in the office with the rest of my team, putting together welcome packages for new arrivals."


I'll make recommendations and reservations for you

“Throughout the day, I’ll also be on call for guests, assisting them with any queries or requests they may have.

This could involve organising events for special occasions, such as a milestone anniversary or a romantic proposal; making reservations for trips, such as a private tour of the East Coast or the Mount Gay Rum Distillery; booking taxis or making restaurant reservations for guests based on their personal preferences.

The Cliff Restaurant in St James is ideal for those who appreciate fine dining.

Or for an authentic taste of Barbados, I tend to recommend Oistens’ fish fry on a Friday night, where they can enjoy freshly grilled seafood in a Bajan street party atmosphere."


Evenings are spent getting to know you

"In the evenings, I may have dinner with guests; I love getting to know the people I’m taking care of and it’s a great way to learn more about what interests them so I can enhance their experience even more.

Hopefully, none of my guests require emergency assistance during their holiday, but if they do, I’m on hand to support them — whether that involves accompanying them to a medical centre or arranging alternative accommodation if something were to go wrong in their resort."

Barbados is a beautiful island that everyone should enjoy with full peace of mind.

That’s why I delight in being the primary contact for our guests here, so they can just sit back, relax and take it all in.”


Enjoy a stress-free escape in Barbados with Kerin’s assistance.

Book your holiday with Inspiring Travel and receive bespoke on-island service from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

Browse our full portfolio of luxury resorts and villas in Barbados or speak to a Travel Specialist to start planning your dream Caribbean getaway.

Want to experience another island with the same on-island support? We also have our Destination Manager on Antigua, Diane, who provides the same exceptional service as Kerin for Inspiring Travel guests.

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