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Where do you start with a holiday to North America? A continent of incredible contrasts, you can experience everything from the bright lights of Las Vegas, to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, thrilling theme parks and unforgettable wildlife encounters. The USA and Canada boast some unparalleled highlights, so discover as many as you can with our collection of luxury holidays to North America.

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Whether you want a relaxing beach escape, fun in the sun, a city break or to explore nature at its most spectacular, you'll find it in our top luxury destinations in North America.

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There are so many reasons to travel to North America. Some people go in seek of a peaceful journey around the rolling vineyards of California. Others dream of a road trip through the most exciting sights and sounds of the USA. Or, it could be you're looking for a fun-filled family holiday with plenty of theme parks, a glamorous city break, a ranch experience, or perhaps an adventure through the Canadian wilderness.

Whatever it is that draws you to North America, we're here to help you find it. When you book your holiday with the Inspiring Travel company, we make sure we understand exactly what you need and go above-and-beyond to provide it to you. We can tailor-make your own bespoke itinerary, arrange unforgettable experiences and make sure you truly get the most out of your holiday in North America.

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Explore our full range of luxury hotels and ranches in North America, featuring some of the continent’s most incredible locations with the best 5-star comforts.

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Browse our most popular holiday ideas to make the most out of your trip to North America. If you’d like to create your own bespoke tour, simply speak to our Travel Specialists

Holiday Highlights of North America

From awesome mountain ranges like the Canadian Rockies, to the Statue of Liberty and beaches of Miami, a North America luxury holiday has something for everyone. A vast destination jam-packed with adventure, natural wonders and unique experiences, take a look at our top highlights for some holiday inspiration of your own.

North America has an endlessly fascinating landscape. A patchwork of mountain ranges, pristine coastline, rolling plains, luscious forest, great lakes and genuine wonders of the world awaits nature-loving visitors. Why not take the chance to learn about the natural history of this fascinating destination on an expert-led nature tour on your next visit?

National Parks

North America’s National Parks are home to some awe-inspiring sights. Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park is a firm favourite, as are California’s Yosemite National Park, with its ancient sequoia trees, and Redwood National Park with its huge redwoods. The less famous parks just as well worth a visit, though, and you will find hot springs, cascading waterfalls, and magnificent lakes across the nation.

The Grand Canyon

Found amongst the beauty of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, this world-famous sight needs no introduction. Still considered a holy site by the native Pueblo people, travellers have been making the journey to the Grand Canyon for literally thousands of years. Measuring 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep, this natural wonder of the world must be seen to be believed.

Mountain ranges

Even the mountain ranges of North America have a staggering variety of landscapes and unique sights to see. From the sprawling, densely forested and misty Appalachian Mountains to the dry, rugged drama of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the views are simply breath taking. The snow-capped and majestic Canadian Rockies are a favourite of many travellers for its jagged, ice-capped peaks and shimmering alpine lakes.


With hundreds of miles of incredible coastline on both the eastern and western shores of North America, the beaches here are unsurprisingly stunning. Florida has a huge number of beaches, including its famed Clearwater Beach which is soaked with sunshine for a staggering 361 days of the year. Up in Miami, South Beach, with its bright art deco architecture, also draws many visitors to each year. The same can be said for the caves, pools, and seaside bluffs of Laguna Beach in Los Angeles.

With so many different natural landscapes to explore, it’s no surprise that North America hosts some incredible adventures. From travelling between the metropolitan cities and sleepy authentic towns to getting closer to nature on a ranch holiday, there is no end to the one-of-a-kind experiences and adventures to be found on holiday in North America.

Have fun with a fly-drive

Why pick one amazing destination when you could travel between several? A fly-drive tour guarantees that you will see more of North America than you could on any other holiday, revealing the diverse flavours, culture and history of each stop.

Heading up the coast of California in a convertible sports car is about as picturesque as it comes. With stops in some of the world most glamorous cities, what could be better? Perhaps a trip through the authentic Deep South, experiencing the food and music that has put this destination on the map? Or even a trip down the Freedom Trail in New England to see cities and sites that were crucial to the founding of America?

Be immersed in a ranch holiday

Living the authentic ranch lifestyle is a dream for many. Incredible scenery, the fresh country air, meals around the campfire, interacting with wildlife and riding horses down dusty trails beneath a clear blue sky – what’s not to love? It’s a way to get in touch with the great outdoors while experiencing a traditional way of life that goes back centuries.

The call of the wild might not be for everyone. But fear not, North America’s ranches still have something to offer, and you’ll find relaxing activities like golf and spa days at our range of resort ranches. However you want to experience your ranch holiday, you are guaranteed to find peace away from the crowded cities and modern distractions.

The Rocky Mountaineer

If you’re looking for adventure in Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer is perhaps the best way to do it in style. This luxury train offers some of the most scenic routes to incredible destinations. Starting in Vancouver, you can traverse the mountains, stopping off to discover places like Banff, Lake Louise, Kamloops, Calgary and Jasper. Giving you time to really make the most of those views, you could even combine a train journey with an Alaskan cruise for a real North American adventure.

The North American wildlife is abundant and unlike anywhere else. Its diverse landscape is home to many different ecosystems of unique wildlife. Depending on where you travel to you can expect to see bears, alligators, eagles, cougars, and many more incredible species.


If you’re looking to (safely) encounter one of the world’s most dangerous animals, then Canada’s many bear habitats will be calling to you. Heading out with an expert guide to witness these powerful beasts in their natural habitat is utterly breathtaking. With North America’s landscape offering so many different environments you will find Brown bears, better known as grizzly bears, in the north west, black bears in the national parks of most states, and even polar bears in the frozen north of Canada. 


Primarily found further south in the marshes and swampland of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, North America is rife with reptile life. The American alligator and American crocodile are powerful and majestic creatures that, once seen in the flesh, are not soon forgotten. The southern states are also home to a wide variety of snake and other reptile life, making it a dream come for lovers of these cold-blooded beauties.


The bald eagle is a creature that is synonymous with America, making birdlife celebrated throughout the nation. Bald eagles can be seen all over North America and hearing its iconic call while on a guided nature tour is an experience that should not be missed. With woodpeckers, owl, falcons, hawks, American goldfinch, blue jays and more, North America is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Land Mammals

The rolling plains and hills of North America are home to an incredible variety of large mammals. With wild populations of elk, bison, deer, moose, musk ox, reindeer and more in the national parks and wilderness, a visit guarantees a look at so many majestic species up close and personal. These beautiful animals have roamed these lands for thousands of years and their populations remain protected by conservation efforts that you could find yourself helping with.

San Francisco. Washington DC. Miami. So many North American cities instantly bring up images of famous landmarks, fantastic experiences and fabled history. With iconic cities revealing fascinating history, vibrant culture and myriad personalities from north to south, wherever you travel in North America you will be entertained. All of that and we haven’t even mentioned three of the most famous cities of them all…

Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world has everything that you could possibly need for a glamorous North America luxury holiday. Las Vegas has world-famous casinos, performances from the biggest stars and one of the most recognisable skylines in the world. All of this combines with unparalleled five-star luxury and hospitality to make Las Vegas a one-of-a-kind destination.

New York

New York, New York. The city so jam packed with things to see that they had to name it twice. In arguably the most iconic city in the world, you will find a dizzying combination of culture, food, shopping, history and entertainment. Take a trip to the top of the towering Empire State Building, see a Broadway show or enjoy the hustle and bustle of Times Square. There is also a world-class dining scene and an exciting nightlife – easy to see why New York has such a big reputation.

Los Angeles 

If you’re looking for the exclusive, upmarket atmosphere, then the glamorous home of hundreds of celebrities might just be the place for you. Los Angeles has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world and its shopping scene is virtually unrivalled. Los Angeles is also a haven for a film and music enthusiast as the USA’s film and TV powerhouse. Getting all of this in a warm, welcoming climate makes Los Angeles a favourite destination for a North America holiday.


Located on the west coast of Canada, the city of Vancouver offers just as much to explore as the wilderness beyond it. Not only does it boast incredible views of the ocean and mountains, it’s also wonderfully diverse, too. Known for its fantastic restaurant scene, seafood is caught fresh off the coast, and whisked almost straight to your table. You might also catch an indie film festival, live music show or art exhibition while you’re here. Or, board the Rocky Mountaineer and head off on a journey through Canada’s stunning landscape.  

North America is a cultural melting pot unlike any other. The flavour of so many countries and people have mixed together to form a dining experience unlike any other. In sprawling metropolitan cities you will find world-class global cuisine and more choice than there are days in year. However, each region has its own unique flavour and some incredible original dishes that are now popular around the world.


With so much to explore in North America, you’re going to need some good meals to fuel you up. What could be more American that kicking off with a stack of pancakes and bacon? Or maybe snack on some fried chicken and waffles if you’re further south? Each and every city is home to a mass of food trucks and authentic restaurants for you to stop at as you explore. How about grabbing a Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia, a Reuben in New York or a Po-Boy in Louisiana?


With so much to choose from, deciding what’s best to eat in North America can be tough. When it comes to hot dogs and burgers, America is truly king of the hill. BBQ is a way of life in many states, so expect to find some of the best ribs, wings and steaks you’ve ever seen. With Chicago style pizza and spicy California rolls to try in the north, and authentic gumbo and mac and cheese in the deep south, you will find something for every palette in North America, including plenty of tantalizing vegetarian and vegan options.


Nothing says authenticity like a slice of warm apple pie in a traditional American diner. How about recreating so many iconic film and TV moments and washing it down with a thick, sweet milkshake? These classics aren’t the only sweet treat that North America is famous for. Many people travel to New Orleans just for a taste of a real beignet, and key lime pie, blueberry cobbler and Mississippi mud pie are favourites throughout the entire nation. Don’t think that going on a ranch holiday keeps you away from the sugary delights – expect thick s’mores around the campfire to end a busy day!

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