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I hugely enjoy sharing my memories and recommendations with clients.

About me

I started my journey in the travel industry 25 years ago in a local travel agent. I went on to sell the Caribbean for Sandals & Beaches Holidays and then in the Caribbean team at Best At Travel. After a small career change taking 999 calls for the Met Police, I soon realised that the travel industry is a lot more fun, especially exploring and discovering new destinations! Holidays are our opportunity to do as much or as little as possible, we all look forward to that “getaway” and want it to be perfect, so if I can contribute to that experience to make the process easier and exceed customer expectations it is my pleasure to do so. In the luxury travel sector, I have worked with Reed & Mackay private clients, EFR Travel Group and IAB Travel before joining Inspiring Travel in August.

Where I have travelled recently

Maldives. May 2022 for my honeymoon. I stayed at Coco Bodu Hithi and Cora Cora.

Mallorca. Puerto Pollenca on my own holiday.

My most memorable travel experiences

Seychelles. Incredible beaches and lush natural islands, diverse wildlife and very exclusive. I absolutely adored spending time with the tortoises at Raffles.

Barbados. Amazing beaches, incredible cuisine, fun nightlife and swimming with turtles was my highlight.

Santorini. The beautiful whitewashed buildings and blue top churches are so pretty. Greek food is one of my favourites. A highlight was watching the sunset over the Caldera from my private plunge pool at Grace Santorini.

My favourite destination: Maldives

In my opinion literally heaven on earth! Just breathtakingly beautiful, world class service, private villa accommodation that is so exclusive and the snorkelling is the best! A highlight was snorkelling with a whale shark in South Ari Atoll.

My favourite hotel: Coco Bodu Hithi

Coco Bodu Hithi is a natural paradise with beautiful flora and fauna. The Island Villas all include good sized plunge pools in their garden, perfect for basking in complete privacy. At the front of the villas, down the treelined walkway, you have direct access to the stunning beach.

These villas are perfect for honeymooners and couples looking to switch off and have complete privacy. Plus, there is a decent house reef where guests can explore while they snorkel.

The social ambience in the main bar area was enjoyable, it truly is the hub of the island where guests can relax and enjoy a cocktail or two.

A highlight for me was the Thalgo Spa Ritual. Here, you can enjoy a body exfoliation, milk bath and Ayurvedic-inspired massage, using warmed oils plus a silky smooth body wrap to end the treatment - it was so relaxing!

Service commitment from you:

Inspiring Travel is one of the best in the industry, extremely well established and respected, and I joined because I am dedicated to giving clients the most amazing experiences on every occasion and going above and beyond to exceed expectations. Also, they are very well known for looking after their staff and being an amazing and fun team of people!

Your top tips for travellers:

  • To have the best time, leave your phone in the safe and switch off completely.
  • Be sure to get to the airport with plenty of spare time. It will be costly and very disappointing if you miss your flight!
  • Eat local food and pre-book a couple of restaurants in advance of your arrival, especially in busy periods!

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