Captain of the ship!


Cruise Sales Specialist and Product Manager

I love the magic that cruising creates; nothing beats the feeling of waking in a new port each day for the next great adventure.

About me

Travel, to me, ignites a spark like no other. After almost 30 years in travel in a variety of roles, I’ve found that there is one thing for sure that never changes – people’s love of exploration and adventure.

My biggest travel passions are cruising and skiing. I love that a cruise can take you to places you may have never even thought of. From experiencing an Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, to watching the sunrise at Sugar Loaf Mountain or boarding a bullet train in Japan, the possibilities are endless. Cruising to me is magical. I would find it impossible to ever get bored of hearing the ship’s horn as you set sail to adventures new!

My travel specialism

I’m a Cruise Travel Specialist; I've cruised the Mediterranean and Caribbean extensively, including the lesser-known Caribbean islands. I recently sailed around Iceland, visiting many of its off-the-beaten-track ports.

I also love to ski, so have travelled to Lapland in Finland, Quebec in Eastern Canada and around New England in the US, where I also visited the Salem Witch Museum.

My most memorable travel experiences

Seeing the northern lights. I’ve seen them about seven times now, but I’m always on a mission to see them bigger, better and bolder!

I also remember being on a cruise once where the sun was setting port side and the moon was rising starboard side, and I could see them both at the same time, which was a truly surreal experience.

My favourite destination: Sicily

Taormina in Sicily

You’ll have to speak to me for all the reasons I love this port of call - but have an hour spare!

I’ve cruised the Mediterranean many times over, so whether you want to know which restaurant you must visit in Capri, or where to buy your leather jacket in Rome, just let me know and I’ll be delighted to point you in the right direction.

Piraeus in Athens
Underrated as a city break, Athens should be visited by all. The hidden gem of Plaka, and of course the Acropolis, are these city’s highlights. Sat on a rooftop terrace bar, enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with the Acropolis lit up in the background, is truly breathtaking.

My other favourite destinations include Canada, where I enjoy skiing, New England, and Lapland, where the northern lights never disappoint. This is another favourite topic of mine - if you have another hour spare, I’ll gladly give advice on northern lights cruises!

Service commitment from you:

I have cruised with most of the major cruise lines, so I’ll likely have expertise in whatever area you’re looking for, as well as being able to give some personal recommendations if you’re undecided.

I also really get to know my clients so that I can go off and do lots of research to recommend the perfect experiences for them, based on what they like and what their interests are.

What I do best is bringing travel dreams to life. If I can share your dream and make it reality, that is a privilege.

Your top tips for travellers:

  • Familiarise yourself with the cruise line app or personaliser before travel. You can pre-book dining or even set up your mini-bar in some cases.
  • Pre-book excursions, especially if it’s something you really want to do.
  • Explore the deck plan and choose your stateroom carefully.

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