When it comes to finding your next sun-soaked adventure, it’s important to choose the right time of year to go. Travelling in August often means you get the best out of the beautiful beaches and charming resorts in the hottest destinations!

The world is brimming with places that are scorching in August. Just picture it: sinking your feet in golden sand with palm trees dotting the beach, or crystal waters clear enough to see the fish swim below. You can enjoy taking your family away or go on a romantic trip to enjoy impressive temperatures, long days with 12 hours of sunlight, and exploring rocky islands or foreign cities.

Stop wondering where to go this August to soak up the sun rays. Simply read on to see our specialists' top recommendations for where is hot in August for your next summer holiday in a sunny paradise.

European getaways

Just a short flight away, you can escape the rain clouds covering the UK and jet off to bask in the beautiful August sunshine of another gorgeous country all in one day! Our specialists have selected beach holidays perfect for your escape to a short-haul paradise this August!

Corfu, Greece

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 32 degrees

Corfu is just a four-hour flight away, so why not take a short-but-tempting trip to this sunny Greek island? Corfu is the perfect summer sun destination in Europe, so to get the most out of this beautiful island, throw on your sun cream and sunbathe on the lush sweeping bays.

You'll never be short of something to do on this island. Lay back on one of their scenic beaches and marvel at the lush views that gave Corfu the name of 'Emerald Isle', with the most beautiful waters that Greece has to offer.

But don’t let the beaches be the only attraction to this gorgeous island. Perfect for those seeking adventure, you can explore the fascinating history of Greece dating back to the Roman era when you venture further in-land.

Crete, Greece

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 11 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 29 degrees

Famed for its charming beaches with dramatic landscapes and lively towns, Crete has so much to offer for a hot holiday in August. If you crave the fine wine of a more southern island of Greece while exploring Crete's traditional Greek streets, visit one of its many chic cafés, restaurants, and bars. Wine-lovers can even attend the Wine Festival in Heraklion during August! For those who are not so keen on wine, Crete offers some other festivals, like the Midsummer Festival, that you can immerse yourself in.

Crete is a charming retreat with tonnes of history scattered across the island, including 3,500-year-old remains of the Minoan palace of Knossos. Perfect for history buffs!

The fabulous beaches are enough for any beach lover to make Crete their August holiday, with spectacular views of the mountains, a crystal-clear ocean and much more to make your time in Crete relaxing.

Zante, Greece

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 13 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 32 degrees

As you soak up the stunning Greek sun on the beautiful golden beaches of Zante, feast your eyes on the most incredible turquoise waters that Greece has to offer. Watch as the crystal-clear surf washes up on the shore, with fish darting up to your feet, as the waves swish up and back down into the sea.

If you’re looking for a zone to relax and take in the natural elements of Greece, Zante is full of secluded areas, making it the perfect choice for your relaxing oasis this August.

August is a fantastic time for you to spot the magnificent sea turtles bobbing on the surface of the water or nesting amongst the sand. You can also visit Smugglers Cove, which is where you'll find the island's picturesque shipwreck.

Halkidiki, Greece

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 11 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 33 degrees

One for beach lovers ready to bask in the scorching days of August sunshine, enjoy the untouched area of Halkidiki, known as the Greek Riviera. This is an area to savour the region's fresh Mediterranean flavours, fall in love with the authentic Greek culture, and visit the lively towns of the three peninsulas surrounding Halkidiki: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos.

With a very low 2% chance of rain on Halkidiki island in August, you have the freedom to fully enjoy the unique beach bliss that this island has to offer, with shimmering blue oceans, circled by lush cliffs and stunning natural greenery. Take your family to this perfect paradise this August, with everything you could ever desire from a Greek getaway. The perfect August holiday destination for families.

Costa del sol, Spain

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 11 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 30 degrees

With August being the hottest month of this Spanish region, there's no doubt you'll be absorbing the glorious sunshine of the region, otherwise known the 'Coast of the Sun'.

While the sun is brimming, there is plenty more to do on your holiday than sit on the white-sand shores of the Southern Spanish coast. You can explore the quaint villages — perfect for stopping for a cold drink to soothe the heat.

For lovers of sport, Costa del sol is the home of many fantastic sporting facilities and championship golf courses. If sport isn’t for you, take a trip to see the breathtaking views of Spain’s natural wonders. Visit the incredible national parks or explore the spectacular Moorish palaces and jasmine-scented gardens.

Mallorca, Spain

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 11 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 30 degrees

The view of the coastline of Mallorca under the hot August sun is one you won’t want to miss. You'll experience a variety of luxury magnificence in this Mediterranean paradise, with so much beauty residing in its natural elements, historical heritage, and quaint towns.

You'll never find yourself bored on this island, giving you lots of sunshine and perfect conditions to dive headfirst into sailing or windsurfing activities. For the lovers of land, stay dry with a cycle through the picturesque old town of Pollenca or play a game of golf.

Ibiza, Spain

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 13 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 30 degrees

This popular Spanish destination is one for the lovers of a livelier holiday. You can find thrilling activities all over Ibiza for those looking for an exciting adventure on this beautiful getaway spot. This island is perfect for a summer holiday when temperatures reach above 30 degrees, where you can lay on one of Ibiza’s many beautiful beaches and catch the incredible rays — or enjoy all the fun Spanish culture!

In between your exploration days, find yourself soaking in the tranquillity of Ibiza with picturesque views of the mountains, or take a stroll through the towns to grab some of Spain’s incredible seafood cuisine!


Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 13 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 31 degrees

Home to many beautiful beach coves and a multitude of popular destinations, this European haven is perfect for your August getaway. Explore the many historical sites of Cyprus littered across the island, or take to one of the glistening beaches to seek out water sport adventures and go snorkelling to see the incredible sea turtles and schools of tropical fish.

With just five hours of flight time, you can take a short-haul trip and explore some of the fantastic soaring cliffs of Cyprus or bask in the impressive heat on their gorgeous golden sands. Dip in between its winding cobbled streets and shop in its upmarket boutiques to get a rest from the August sun and experience the island's delicious flavours in its local bars and restaurants.

Cyprus has some delightful destinations that are popular amongst tourists, such as Paphos and Protaras, but to escape the busy bustle of the streets, head to Pissouri Bay to experience a more secluded area.

Long-Haul Getaways 

If you're craving the sun soaking into your pores and having more time to just relax this summer, then we have found the perfect destinations that will satisfy your wanderlust. Find your ideal destination fit for a long-haul August adventure by the sea.

Fiji, Australasia

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 26 degrees

To enjoy something more tropical this August, Fiji is a beautiful hidden gem that holds some of the world’s most incredible coral reefs and underwater seascapes.

Escape the heat of the sun for a few hours and dive into Fiji's pristine waters. Swim with tropical fish for the ultimate marine adventure and snorkel below the surface when the sea is at its calmest in August. The beautiful white-sand beaches are the perfect setting for your sun-lounging experience, for those who prefer to soak in the rays during their beach break.

Fiji is excellent for a divine long-haul adventure, providing adventures that can only be had at this tropical oasis. Take relaxation to another level and indulge in the famous centuries-old spas, or let your skin feel the benefits of one of Fiji’s natural thermal pools or mud baths.

French Polynesia, Australasia

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 8 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 31 degrees

This glorious sunny beach paradise is what dreams are made of! The incredible landscapes of sapphire blue seas and pure-white sand makes for the perfect view while you absorb the delicious heat from the sun during August.

August brings the best of summer weather to the French Polynesian coast — excellent for your days exploring additional destinations dotted around it, like the island of Tahiti, or dipping into the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the sea’s tropical marine life. Make sure to watch for the majestic humpback whales as they begin to depart from Antarctica during August!

Choose this long-haul destination, where you'll be able to enjoy this paradise at a slower pace, to really immerse yourself in the Polynesian spa tranquillity that this island offers for your leisure days.

California, USA

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 28 degrees

Sunny all of August, this beach break is perfect for a long-haul or fly-drive escape to explore the magnificent coasts of the USA, as well as to discover the surprising hidden gems of the city.

While the weather is at its driest and the ocean is at its best in California, take to the seaside during August to experience the surfing culture that is so loved across the West Coast.

For the beer lovers, quench your thirst with as many beers as you like at the August Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluespalooza in Mammoth Lakes. You won’t want to miss this festival if you’re also a lover of R&B, blues or soul music.

Florida, USA

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 13 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 31 degrees

Full of famous landmarks, impeccable coast lines, and heart-racing theme parks, you'll be filled with exciting adventures every single day from the moment your holiday begins in Florida!

Here, you can have a perfect blend of buzzing city fun and a blissful beach break whenever you chose it. Take your sunny trip in August to be welcomed with pleasantly hot weather — perfect for migrating to the beach after exploring the fantastic number of activities that Miami has to offer.

Not only do you get to visit the state that holds the magical Universal Orlando to Walt Disney World Resort theme park that stretches over 15 miles, but you can also take your family to beaches with water sports and experience the night life of Palm Beach.

Bali, Far East

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 10 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 29 degrees

With an unforgettable welcome from the people of Bali, here you'll enter a world of tranquillity and serenity. Your beach holiday in Bali will be made perfect if you visit during August, with less rain and more spells of summer sunshine. 

Explore Bali’s finest at one of its many bucket-list-worthy beach clubs, situated on its many beautiful white-sand beaches. Take one of Bali's signature cocktails and sprawl out under the sun — or visit at night to enjoy the glimmers of the stars and some music with your drink.

The epitome of natural beauty, Bali is a destination perfect for the discerning traveller. It's also an incredibly romantic destination, so choose Bali for your couples' getaway this August to experience its driest month!

Koh Samui, Thailand

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 28 degrees

This charming island has some incredible offerings, proving why Koh Samui should be your next sunny August destination. Koh Samui holds some of Thailand’s most picturesque beaches — the most popular being Chaweng, Lamai, and Maenam.

You can enjoy the peaceful sounds of the swishing turquoise ocean as you lounge on its cozy coast. Enhance its relaxing vibe by choosing one of the island's ultra-luxurious spa villa accommodations.

East Coast of Malaysia

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 33 degrees

To experience the perfect summer temperatures, calm waters, and stunning places to explore both above and below sea level, Malaysia is the best destination for August.

You can partake in a plethora of activities on the coast of Malaysia to immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of this stunning island. Take a tree-top walk through the rainforest, explore the home of the orangutan or sail on the Andaman Sea.

Experience Malaysia below the surface of the ocean — swim amongst its tropical fish and marvel at its picturesque seabed’s.

Remember, the exotic paradise of the coast isn’t all you can see in this oasis haven! Venture out to Kota Kinabalu to experience modern architecture and buzzing markets.

Borneo, Asia

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 28 degrees

For wildlife lovers, Borneo is excellent for spotting some of the world’s most rare species. During the hot month of August, Borneo is your natural wildlife safari park, where you can see orangutans swing closer to the ground to search for their food, turtles hatching and making their way to the sea, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Bornean elephant!

Whether you take to the spectacular beaches or the exotic jungle, next to no rain and the beautiful weather of August spell the best conditions for this unmissable adventure.

Sri Lanka, Asia

Average daytime hours of sunshine in August: 12 hours

Average maximum temperature in August: 30 degrees

Sri Lanka offers year-round beauty and bucket-list-worthy experiences that you could only dream of back at home in the UK. The entire island is home to some of the world’s most exotic wildlife and its beaches are some of the most delightful in Asia. Plus, its an unbeatable destination for indulging in incredible cuisine and tasting the flavours of Sri Lanka.

What's more, August holds one of the most incredible Buddhist festivals of the year. The spectacular Perahera festival is held in Kandy and is a ritual performed to pay homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha. Watch musicians, dancers, and the beautiful elephants doused in glittering finery, dance and parade through the streets for several nights through August.

Have you found your next hot getaway for this August?

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