Greece is well-known for its collection of idyllic islands, surrounded by azure waters and swathed in ancient history and picturesque landscapes. But, even as one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world, it’s hard to pinpoint the best things to do in Greece.

Whether you’re seeking a holiday discovering the must-see attractions of Greek history, embarking on exciting sea adventures with your family or tasting typical food in local tavernas, our travel expert, Sam Morris, is here to help you. With 21 years of travel experience and visiting this charming country, hear all about Sam’s insightful experience, knowledge about hotels and top tips that may inspire your next holiday to Greece.

‘With its beaches, rich history and diverse islands, there are so many reasons to love Greece. I’ve visited this country and it’s alluring islands many times, and with my first-hand experience, I’m able to create the perfect holiday in Greece for you. I always add those personal touches and unique experience that others might not know about.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

1. Corfu Old Town

Referred to as ‘Emerald Isle’, Corfu is home to pleasant pebble beaches, lapped by alluring emerald-green sea. However, aside from its captivating landscapes and picturesque rugged coastlines, Corfu is widely known for its deep cultural heritage.

This alluring island is bursting with history, from ancient monuments to antique architecture that’s strongly influenced by the Venetian period. Its Old Town is located on the coast of the Ionian Sea, and is a magnetic blend of rich history and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

From the nearby cluster of small, pretty bays to cool off in, to the influences from its vast history that has now made this Old Town a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there’s a mixture of experiences to be enjoyed.

Just a leisurely walk through the town and you’ll be passing some of the oldest buildings on the island, including the 40 orthodox churches (dating back to the 11th century), the Palace of St Michael and St George (built in 1815) and the iconic old and new fortresses. Learn about it all in the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum, both very much worth the visit.

Be sure to take a stroll into the Campiello, getting lost within the winding alleys of the medieval heart of the Old Town.

“Corfu Old Town is a must. With its Venetian history, the winding side streets remind me so much of Florence.” – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

The best hotel for the perfect Corfu Old Town experience: Grecotel Corfu Imperial

If you want to stay nearby the Corfu Old Town, the Grecotel Corfu Imperial is just a 30-minute drive away. Here, you can enjoy a blend of experiences during your holiday. From discovering the lively atmosphere of the Old Town soaked in deep history to lounging on the Blue Flag awarded sandy coves and pebbly beaches that surround this retreat, you can easily lose yourself in Corfu’s charm.

‘Don’t miss watching the sunset over 360-degree waterfront views from this hotel, set on its own private peninsula.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

2. Boat Trips and Greek Island Hopping

One of the best activities to do in Greece is boat trips. With almost all Greek island’s offering a ride through the crystal-clear waters, you can effortlessly hop on a boat and explore either more of the island you’re staying on, or a new Greek island completely.

An activity that’s great for families, you can spend a morning, afternoon or a whole day sailing the waters to discover peaceful coves and other beaches with seaside tavernas, or another island nearby – you might be lucky enough to spot some friendly dolphins and other marine life along the way! Plus, there’s nothing quite like seeing the sprawling blue waters stretched out in front of you as you glide through the sea.

There’s so much to explore across all the islands. The best way to hop between islands is by ferry which are perfect for reaching some of the more popular destinations.

However, you can choose to take a private boat or even hire your own to explore the coast at your own leisure and at your own pace. Don’t limit your stay to one island; enjoy the diverse atmospheres of multiple islands, from the outdoor paradise of Santorini to the authentic streets of Crete, lines with chic cafés, boutiques and small villages.

‘During my own stay in Corfu, I discovered the tiny and authentic island of Paxos, just a boat ride away. Exploring two different Greek Islands during my holiday and getting more out of my trip was amazing.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

Best hotel with an unmissable boat trip experience: Daios Cove

Daios Cove is a seaside resort in Crete, surrounded by turquoise waters, the perfect base to enjoy a boat ride either around Crete or to another island. When you’re not indulging in the luxury of the private white-sand beach and enjoying the superb facilities, be sure to take a sea excursion with a private skipper, exploring nearby attractions.

‘This is my favourite hotel in Greece. You can even explore the bay with a thrilling RIB boat ride!’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

3. Visiting and exploring Spinalonga

The Spinalonga is an island of historic treasures, located in the Elounda Gulf. This fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site has been deserted since 1957, and now sits as an archaeological site. This experience is both compelling yet haunting, as it was once used to isolate people suffering from leprosy from 1904 until they deserted the island.

You can now visit Spinalonga, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Travel over to this island and explore the Leper Hospital and learn about the harrowing history of the community of people who didn’t allow their conditions get in the way of living. You can easily access this island from Elounda and Plaka, just a short boat ride away.

 ‘This gripping island is one of my favourite historic sites that has me engrossed in its history. Just a few minutes from Elounda in Crete, I was able to travel to this island effortlessly.’ - Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist 

Best hotel for an exceptional Spinalonga experience: Domes of Elounda

The inviting Domes of Elounda is located in the beautiful region of Elounda, overlooking the historical island of Spinalonga. On the days you want to explore, be sure to sail over to the Spinalonga Island in a traditional Greek caique.

‘Whether you fancy a cocktail from the bar whilst overlooking this picturesque island or want to venture out to explore it first-hand, this resort is perfect for both options. I loved visiting this island just as much as I loved watching the sun set behind it.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

4. Discover Ancient Greece

It’s no secret that Greece is steeped in rich history, and with its abundance of historical relics and monuments, you can take a step back in time as you explore Ancient Greece. The cultures of Greek civilisations throughout history were heavily influenced by Greek mythology, which has left a bold mark on the archaeological sites across the country.

Greece’s capital city, Athens, is home to one of the oldest and most famous ancient monuments of Greece: The Parthenon. Perched atop the Athenian Acropolis, the former temple was built as a dedication to the mythical goddess, Athena. This incredible piece of history presides over a now modern metropolis.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is another former temple in Athens. Once the site of the ancient Olympics, this was the temple dedicated to Zeus, the mythical king of gods. With an outstandingly vast history, having completed construction in 131AD, this slice of history is awe-inspiring to see.

Ancient Olympia, found in Peloponnese, was the birthplace of the Olympic Games, created to honour Zeus at the site of worship. Rediscovered in the 19th century, you can see the ruins at the Olympia archaeological site, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and discover the history at the three on-site Olympic history museums.

Knossos is a city from the Bronze Age, and known for being the centre of the Minoan civilisation, located outside of Heraklion, Crete. This astonishing archaeological site is filled with impeccably preserved remains, including the Knossos Palace and other historic buildings. Myths suggest that this was once a maze that was the home of a Minotaur in Greek mythology, and you may spot the intricate formations that once made the labyrinth.  

‘I’m fascinated by the ancient sites and myths that pepper the land, from the mighty Acropolis to the Minoan Knossos baked in the endless sunshine.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

Best hotel for a fascinating historical stay: The Dolli

Blending Greek history with luxury, a stay at The Dolli is perfect for history buffs. Explore the fascinating past of Ancient Greece with The Parthenon and Acropolis just steps from this contemporary hotel. For lazy days, enjoy slow mornings overlooking the stunning views of this temple either from your suite or from Dolli’s Rooftop Restaurant.

‘Set in the hillside village of Plaka, this hotel is removed from the crowds and has stunning views of the Parthenon.’ - Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

5. Authentic Greek cuisine tasting

Greece is an excellent country for food lovers. The traditional Greek food and drink is served in many different ways across the islands, all offering something unique. Whether you’re craving dining experiences in the lesser-known traditional tavernas of Corfu and Halkidiki or the superb dishes from Michelin-star gourmet restaurants in Santorini or Crete, you can indulge in the refreshing Mediterranean dishes of Greece anywhere. The combination of the sensational weather with the delicious meals and breathtaking scenery in many restaurants is a feast for the senses.

The amalgamation of succulent aromas is enough to draw you in at any restaurant serving authentic Greek cuisine. Satisfy your tastebuds with a platter of freshly caught seafood, savour the flavours of souvlaki served with pillowy flatbreads or treat yourself to the delicious honey-laced baklava. Not to mention that the Greek coffee is superb (and strong!)

‘Greece is one of my favourite places for food! I can sit for hours as meze is served, with authentic flavours being revealed as each dish comes out.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

Also known for its incredible olive and olive oil production, Greece is home to an abundance of olive groves that you can visit for a great gastronomic experience. Taste the different flavours of the different olives during your tour, and later on indulge on them at a local restaurant.  

‘I loved learning the differences and benefits of each type of olive.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

The best hotel for the perfect gourmet experience: The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort

Here at The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort located in Peloponnese, you can enjoy learning to cook authentic cuisines with friendly locals. Enjoy exploring the olive groves that this stunning resort is nestled by, where you can discover natural flavours and see the harvest of olives and wine.

‘Spending an afternoon learning to cook authentic Messinian family recipes with the local women was an unrivalled gastronomic experience.’ – Sam Morris, Luxury Travel Specialist

More expert advice for your Greek holiday…

Where can I stay in Greece with a private pool?

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Do you have any more top tips for my experience in Greece?

If you’re travelling to Athens, make sure to spend a few nights here before heading to a beach resort to relax. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the fascinating history and relics of the past across the city before heading to the coast for some well-earnt relaxation.

Make sure to try the authentic meals on the menu each time you eat out in Greece. Greece is one of my favourite countries for food, and I can sit for hours as meze is served, with authentic flavours being revealed as each dish comes out.

If you visit Santorini, don’t miss out on taking one of their many scenic hiking trails. This island is bursting with natural beauty, and you can soak in the panoramic views by hiking to its best viewing points.

What is the best time to visit Greece?

Between June and September is when Greece is at its hottest. You can also expect a low rainfall, perfect for spending long days at the beach and walking through the bustling streets. Hospitality and beach clubs are also at their best during peak season, as well as more activities and watersports being available.

Be sure to book your trip early in the year if you’re thinking about travelling in the summertime. Greece is a very popular destination, and if you book late, you risk not being able to stay at your preferred resort.

However, travelling to Greece during autumn or winter is also a lovely time of year. If you’re not visiting for the long days of sunshine and beaches, you can enjoy sightseeing without the big crowds and sun beating down too strongly.

What are the best Greek Islands for me and my family?

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