Where’s Hot in September?

As September rolls around and the coming of autumn draws in, there is no doubt you’ll be dreaming of sunny beaches and endless sunshine.

Don’t worry, summer doesn’t have to be over when September arrives! Some parts of the world are still alive with summer heat and activities for you to savour that feeling for just that little bit longer.

So don’t put away those sunglasses yet! While summer is setting in the UK, look at where’s hot in September that our Travel Specialists have recommended.

The best places for short-haul holidays in September

For a short getaway, take a quick flight to get the most out of the sun abroad. There’s nothing like soaking up the September heat on a scenic beach or dining in superb restaurants in the old towns dotted around Europe. So, why not make a European destination the place to end your summer in style?

Cyprus, Europe 34°C

Jet off to Cyprus this September, while crowds are starting to thin and the weather is still warm. This is the perfect retreat if you love to sink your feet into the sand and soak in the sound of the waves during your sun-drenched getaway.

Cyprus, Europe

September offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the quaint towns and historical cities of Cyprus with fewer crowds and queues, yet still in peak season. Visit Paphos, one of Cyprus’ popular cities that is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is embellished in modern architecture, yet rich in historic attractions at Paphos Archaeological Park.

For golden-sand beaches to lounge on under the sun, migrate to Protaras where you can swim in crystal clear waters and overlook the clear skies and ocean-blue horizon. Also well-known for its fantastic nightlife, spend an evening on their strip and dance the night away in their bars and clubs that stay open late for you to enjoy!

Take the plunge into the calming waves and swim amongst the fish and coral with a professional diving school, or grab your snorkelling gear and watch the sea life from above.

Cyprus is famed for its incredible Mediterranean foods, and in September they hold a handful of food festivals for you to indulge in the country’s delicacies. Attend one of these festivals to explore the Cypriot flavours and aromas of autumn with cultural music and dancing that flow through the villages of Cyprus. Here are just some stand-out festivals:

Carob Festival

When: September 6th

Where: Ayios Georgios Square, Peyia at 7:30pm

Watch as the locals prepare traditional handmade products and food, with the option to purchase some Cypriot dishes and drinks on sale.

Almond Dance

When: September 6th

Where: Limnatis Community Park, Limnatis

Limnatis is brimming with beautiful almond trees, providing guests with the option of enjoying free almond sweets whilst watching the traditional Almond Dance.

Bread and Baked Goods Festival

When: September 8th

Where: Galata

Lovers of bakeries can indulge in the traditional Cypriot breads and baked goods in this festival while enjoying the photo exhibition at the folklore museum.

Turkey 31°C

Turkey is brimming with landmarks and plenty of beaches for you to enjoy during September. When the kids have gone back to school, you can explore to your heart’s content while still enjoying the last of the high season.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Sitting on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey is surrounded in golden sand or pebbly beaches, with calm waters that make for an excellent for a day of watersports during September. Dive into the ocean and enjoy wind surfing, rafting, kayaking, or exceed the waves and parasail for an exhilarating experience.

To make the most of the calm September weather, take to the sky in a hot air balloon for an ariel view of Cappadocia, an exciting experience that is unforgettable! Take advantage of the small crowds of September with a scenic walk to the highland pastures, or walk the Mediterranean coast to see the landscapes of Turkey’s natural beauty.

As plenty of sunshine covers Turkey, visit its capital city, Ankara for a day or two of sightseeing while the weather is pleasant. Explore the historical buildings, take a walk around its museums, and treat yourself to a shopping spree in one of their shopping malls while immersing in the buzz of city life.

Crete, Greece 27°C

During September, you can bask in the glorious heat of the sun on the hottest Greek island of the month, Crete. Enjoy what the island has to offer with thinner crowds.

Crete, Greece

Enveloped in coasts of pebble beaches and golden sands, you can find a place to relax at every corner. But relaxing isn’t all you can do on this favourable island. Make sure to explore the land on foot with walks along the trails and up mountains to take in the natural scenery of Crete, or go for a drive across the breathtaking plateaux. Do it all in the calm, yet toasty heat of September.

Escape the crowds in September and indulge in a shopping trip to Crete’s famed markets. Spend on the finest clothing and accessories in the chic boutiques for luxury shopping.

Plaka, Athens, Greece 28°C

Sitting at the bottom of the hill of the Athenian Acropolis and Parthenon is Plaka, a quaint town famed for its cobbled streets and array of bars, restaurants, and local craft shops. The locals have named the town ‘Neighbourhood of the God’s’, as it sits nearby the Acropolis and the many archaeological sites that encircle the historic region.

Plaka, Athens

Enjoy the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of Plaka whilst spending your time strolling the cobbled narrow streets and shopping in the small shops that line them. Be sure to visit the markets, all selling traditional Greek jewellery, antiques and ceramics that are created by the locals.

September is the best time to explore this hidden gem at the base of the Acropolis while the weather is pleasant. The throng of the island’s guests will be starting to thin, so this is the best time to discover everything this town has to offer.

Montenegro 27°C

Covered in endless hours of sunshine during September, Montenegro is a country you won’t want to miss the chance of visiting. Here, you can do almost everything from city break activities to lounging in beach bliss. You can even explore the rich history that is dotted around the country from ancient villages to history-enriched architecture of the city.

Montenegro, Europe

Montenegro is known for its antique sites with Kotor, the ancient village, sitting on the cliff sides and untouched beaches for a soothing stroll in the heat of September. Take a trip to the Romanesque Kotor city and enjoy the spectacular cuisine and drinks that they have to offer on your visit.

Lay on the golden sands and soak in the graphic landscapes filled with mountains and blue shimmering oceans, or head into the city to explore more of its modern and artistic culture. Enjoy these views while kayaking in the shimmering waters, or mountain biking and rock climbing for more daring land activities. Or, soak in the evening views while you enjoy the balmy temperatures with drink of your choice.

Portugal 26°C

This small strip of land is a pleasant place to visit during September. The weather is calm and warm, and while you’re enjoying the landscapes of Portugal, you can do so with little to no crowds. Enjoy hiking the mountains of Portugal and basking in the sun on the Blue Flag awarded sandy beaches while the trails and coasts are much quieter than the school holiday peak season.

Lisbon, Portugal

Take your trip to Portugal during September while the harvest for grapes is in full swing for the chance to get the most out of the wineries dotted around this island. Visit the superb vineyards of the Douro Valley region, choose your favourite wine, and enjoy a glass or three in the private pool or room of your resort.

Take advantage of the calm weather conditions with a tour of the country’s wonderful attractions and gaze upon the city’s historic architecture. Head to Lisbon for a scenic display of pastel-coloured buildings and golden-sand beaches, and opt to stroll around the National Azulejo Museum to explore the five centuries of ceramic tiles, an artist’s dream.

Tenerife 29°C

Enveloped in serene turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches, Tenerife is perfect for your sunny escape before the autumn comes around in September. Enjoy the natural wonders of this island while you rejuvenate under the sun, taking in the views of the third-biggest volcano in the world, Mount-Teide.

Tenerife, Europe

Visit the capital city of Santa Cruz to explore Tenerife’s busiest port. Here, you have the chance to browse designer boutiques and the breathtaking modern architecture.

With year-round sunshine in Tenerife, it offers an array of activity opportunities that you can enjoy. While the large crowds have dispersed, take advantage of the short queues at attractions such as Siam Park water park.

Majorca 29°C

Swap rain clouds for sunny blue skies in Majorca this September, and enjoy time on the beach with your loved ones. Partake in fun watersport activities, or soak in the warm heat of the Majorcan sun. 

Majorca, Europe

With low chances of crowded areas during September, you can enjoy the magnificent coastlines and popular attractions with more freedom. Take in the views of the calm waves, or venture into the capital city, Palma that sits on the coastline. Here, you can explore the word-class art museums and the famous historical heritage. For a rural village feel, take a stroll through the quaint old town Pollenca for picturesque views of the architecture and to get a feel of the traditional Majorcan culture.

Lovers of sport can enjoy peaceful games of golf on one of the 24 golf courses that Majorca holds, or cycle the biking trails for scenic routes and places to stop off for a delicious bite to eat. For an exhilarating sea adventure, you can take up sailing, or challenging the waves with windsurfing. For a less adventurous activity, take a luxurious catamaran boat ride to the hidden corners of the Balearic Sea and indulge in some divine local cuisines after a snorkel stop.

The best places for long-haul holidays in September:

Escape the muggy September weather in the UK with a long-haul getaway to dreamy paradise islands. Far away from it all, choose to travel to one of our hand-picked locations. You can find beach bliss, tropical oasis or city fun for your next end-of-summer getaway.

Morocco 25°C

Although autumn is creeping along, September remains warm with toasty temperatures along the Moroccan coast. Be sure to head to its beaches to enjoy the Mediterranean splendour of its coast.

Morocco market

Perfect for the history enthusiasts, you can visit the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. This area is UNESCO-listed and open for you to explore the ruins of olive mills, temples, houses, and walls embellished in mosaics that date back to the first century BC. Enjoy every inch of this experience while there are less people crowding the area, and still have maximum temperatures of 25°C.

Famed for its souks markets, treat yourself to the many fine products they sell, including pottery, leatherwear, jewellery, and woodworks. Take a day trip to the Menara lush gardens for a poolside Menza and pavilion.

Bali 30°C

Enjoy the luxurious tranquillity that Bali offers on your September getaway on this paradise island.

Bali, Asia

Relax on one of Bali’s serene white-sand beaches and bask in the sunlight of summer, taking full advantage of its dry season. Enveloped in natural forest beauty and elegant architecture, Bali is perfect the discerning traveller.

Now out of the high season, you can enjoy the fewer crowds and lower prices during your visit, so be sure to make use of these extra perks on your travels. Of course, this is complete with the high temperatures of 30°C during September!

Borneo 28°C

During September, Borneo is blessed with hot and dry weather, perfect for your sightseeing of animals as they bask in the glorious weather. This incredible island is home to some spectacular wildlife, the true attraction to this region. For animal lovers, take to Borneo in September for endless glimpses of the most fascinating species you can think of.

Borneo, Asia

Visit the unspoilt rainforest to look for the islands most famous inhabitant, orangutans swinging in the trees. You might also catch a glimpse of the elegant Bornean elephants taking a stroll through the trees.

Beach lovers can enjoy the calming coast of Borneo with plenty of opportunities to relax as well as explore the life under the sea. Dive into the pristine waters and enjoy the extraordinary views of coral reefs and exotic fish. While the sea is calm and warm during September, this is one of the best times to explore the wonders of this curious island.

Have you found something that appeals to you for your getaway this September?

Let us know whether you have read something that tickles your fancy. Whether you choose to take a short-haul or long-haul trip, we can help you find what suits your needs this September. Enquire with one of our Travel Specialists today.

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