Spring offers some of the year’s most beautiful scenery. From blushing blossoms to crisp mountain skylines, the advent of brighter skies after winter offers plenty of inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend break or want a bigger taste of adventure, our experts’ roundup of the world’s most beautiful places to visit in spring is ready to inspire you.

1. Japan

There are few places more beautiful in spring than Japan. From late March to early April, the cherry blossom season sweeps the island’s main stops, including Kyoto and Tokyo. With pink petals peppering the landscape, and bight skies above, this season is perhaps the prettiest of all.

As it’s one of the most popular times to visit, early booking for spring is essential – at least a year in advance is recommended. It can also be tricky to get the perfect timing, so be sure to pack plenty of other experiences into your trip to get the most out of it. Our guide to the best places to visit in Japan besides Tokyo has some great ideas.

“Seeing Mount Fuji close-up is a must-do experience – it’s so iconic in Japan. In spring, the swathes of cherry blossom makes it look extra beautiful.” – Nick Upperton, Travel Specialist

2. Washington D.C

It’s not just Japan that has a famous cherry blossom season come spring. In Washington D.C, the National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every year from late March to early April – for 2024, the dates are 20 March to 14 April.

During this time, the iconic political monuments are made even more beautiful thanks to the ‘peak bloom’ – a testy time to predict, when experts anticipate at least 70% of blossoms will be open. Even if you don’t quite hit peak bloom during your stay, you’ll still see the world of American politics first-hand, with tours of the US Capitol Visitor Centre, a walk down Embassy Row or a trip to the top of the Washington Monument.

“I love Washington for families, as it has a strong educational element. All of the Smithsonian Museums have free entry, so you can feed young minds’ curiosity between seeing the sights” – David Pointer, Senior Product Manager

3. Andalusia

If you’re looking for a spring city break that’s closer to home, Spain’s Andalusia region is perfect. With a captivating blend of centuries-old history and vibrant culture, the cities of this southern coastal stretch of the country are alive with food, art and beautiful sights.

It’s easy to combine Andalusia’s highlights into one holiday. Starting in Malaga, you can visit the birthplace of Picasso and take a day trip to Ronda for a private tasting of the world-famous olive oil. Then, you can pass through Granada to Seville, the home of flamenco and some of the country's best tapas. Then, finish in Marbella, the stylish crown of the Costa del Sol.

Find more ideas in our guide to the best cities for food in Spain.

“Andalusia is where you’ll find the beating heart of Spanish culture. From flamenco dancing to tapas, stunning architecture and delicious wines, there’s so much to enjoy in spring.” – Sam, Travel Specialist

4. Amsterdam

No list of the most beautiful places in spring is complete without a mention of the Netherlands. April to mid-May is when the tulips are fully in bloom, making for a spectacular sight.

In Amsterdam itself, the city streets are at their prettiest during this time, with bursts of greenery and colourful flowers at every turn. Of course, you’ll also want to head out to Keukenhof to see one of the world’s largest flower gardens come to life with unrelenting fields of the country’s vibrant national flower.

“The fabulous tulip festival and fields of Keukenhof make Amsterdam my number one in the most beautiful places to visit in spring. If you love flowers and strolling picturesque gardens, you absolutely must go!” -  Joy, Product Manager

5. Vietnam

Spring is one of the best seasons to explore Vietnam. During March and April, rainfall is low and temperatures are mild, making ideal conditions for soaking up some of the key highlights – from the vibrant street food scene to the tranquil beaches.

Hoi An is one of the most beautiful spots, with the added bonus of being a paradise for foodies. Along with wandering the atmospheric old town, you can track down some of the country’s most revered delicacies, from seafood fresh off the fishing boat to softly steam dumplings.

“I love the metropolitan madness of Vietnam. The beaches are also beautiful – they rival the Maldives, plus you can combine them with a journey to see the beautiful temples of Cambodia” – Nicola Brereton, Travel Specialist

6. Cape Town & Franschhoek

Wine lovers can flock to Cape Town and Franschhoek in springtime. In April, the weather is mild and dry, making perfect conditions for admiring the vineyards and iconic Table Mountain.

South Africa is in its autumn season from April to May, so you’ll just catch the tail-end of the summer sun, when landscape is bathed in golden light. Cape town is quieter, meaning the world-class restaurant scene is easy to enjoy, while the vineyards of Franschhoek are perfect for peaceful walks, with plenty of stops for sampling the best new world wines.

“Don’t miss Franschhoek’s wine tram! There are five routes around the vineyards, so you can spend days discovering the array of wineries” – Cheryl, Travel Specialist

7. Paris

Paris is a perfect springtime break. The French capital's famous cherry blossoms usually flower through April, though the city will also be lined with petals of magnolia, wisteria and peonies – c’est chic indeed.

For more, you can take an hour-long drive out of the city to visit Giverny, the famous gardens of impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Plus, with Easter potentially also on the cards during a spring visit, you won’t be able to resist ducking into the high-end chocolatiers and patisseries for a sweet treat. Don’t miss the flea markets either to dig through a trove of vintage and antique delights.

8. Sri Lanka

March and April are among the best months to experience Sri Lanka. The famous Tea Country may well take your breath away with its beauty, with its misty mountains and undulating slopes of bright green plantations.

You can stop off at serene boutique lodges as you explore, such as Ceylon Tea Trails or Goatfell. From here, it’s easy to take the train to Kandy, a journey that reveals more views of the countryside. Stay for a few nights to visit the famed Temple of the Tooth, which houses the most precious Buddhist relic, and to see the Botanical Garden in bloom.

“To me, Sri Lanka’s beauty is unparalleled. The island is home to some extraordinary wildlife, including the leopards of Yala National Park. It also has some stunning beaches, which I highly recommend adding to your journey” – Nikhil, Travel Specialist

9. Scottsdale

With a trove of luxury spas, sweeping golf courses and the wild scenery of the Sonoran Desert on its doorstep, Scottsdale is the spring city break you might not know you need.

Visit between March and May to avoid the heat of summer, and you can spend your days hiking, biking or horse riding the beautiful trails of Pinnacle Peak Park – rock climbers can even take on the craggy mountainside for a respectable challenge. The city is also known for its renowned bar and restaurant scene – think old town saloons and mouth watering all-American classics.

See our full Scottsdale travel guide for more ideas on what to do in this wild western city this spring.

“You’ll enjoy Scottsdale’s best weather in spring. The landscape is beautiful, with the desert in bloom with colourful cactus flowers.” – David, Senior Product Manager

10. Oman

If outdoor adventure is what calls you, then Oman could be the best place for you to visit for a spring holiday. With temperatures not yet at the peak of summer, conditions for hiking and climbing in the mountains and wadis are prime.

Plus, there’s another spring treat in Oman. In April, the rose bushes begin to bloom and are harvested to create fragrant rose water, while May sees an abundance of apricots ripe for picking.

“Oman offers an authentic experience of the Middle East. The otherworldly mountain landscape makes for a remote spot to take yourself off-grid, giving you time switch off as you explore the authentic mountain villages and fuel up on fragrant cuisine” – Sophie Mitchell, Travel Specialist

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