If you’re looking for the perfect luxury Caribbean holiday, booking a luxury boutique hotel is a fantastic option to consider. Antigua remains one of our most popular destinations in the Caribbean and for good reason. Their clear turquoise waters, stunning beaches and a friendly island atmosphere all combine to make Antigua an incredible holiday destination. 

Earning its nickname of the “Land of 365 Beaches”, you’ll not regret making Antigua the location of your next luxury getaway. Our Caribbean experts will help create a bespoke holiday experience that’s been carefully designed just for you.

After you decide on Antigua as your perfect destination, we’ll help you pick from the best Antigua boutique hotels to ensure you remain in a tranquil level of ultimate comfort for the entire duration of your holiday.

In this guide, we’ll list the top options for boutique hotels in Antigua, making sure you find the ideal hotel to suit your specific needs. 

Which boutique hotels in Antigua should I choose?

The right hotel for your luxury trip will depend on what you need out of your time on the island. For example, some Antigua hotels are more tailored towards those with families, while others are adult-only and more appropriate for honeymooners. Here are a few of our favourite options:


1. Hermitage Bay

Best for: Adults Only, Honeymooners

Location: West coast

A small and personal all-inclusive resort on the west coast, Hermitage Bay is a gem of a hotel that is nestled in a quiet corner of Antigua. It’s perfect for if you want to enjoy all that this amazing island has to offer without the hustle and bustle of busier locations. 

Hermitage Bay hotel features plenty of great things to do to keep you entertained, including complimentary daily yoga, pilates and meditation classes, as well as weekly al fresco cooking demonstrations for authentic Caribbean dishes. There’s also all-inclusive, organic à la carte dining that includes produce from the resort's exquisite kitchen garden for an extra meal option. 

When finding the best boutique hotel in Antigua, the pools are a crucial aspect. At the Hermitage Bay hotel, the Secluded Hillside Pool Suites offer an amazing level of privacy and tranquillity, to go along with exceptional panoramic sea views.

This quiet and remote haven is a stellar choice for people who want to relax, rest and rejuvenate, with the secluded nature making them perfect for couples and those on a luxury honeymoon. 

2. The Inn at English Harbour

Best for: Couples, Food Lovers

Location: South coast

Another brilliant option for a boutique hotel in Antigua is The Inn at English Harbour. Located on the dazzling coastline of English Harbour at the very south of the island, this superb hotel has plenty of sights to see, including lavish tropical gardens and countless gorgeous white sand beaches to enjoy. 

The colonial-style décor that fills the halls of The Inn features art acquired from all over the world, offering a true feeling of stately elegance for you to enjoy.

The Inn also has two distinct restaurants to dine in during your stay. Found at the top of the hill, the Stone Bar and Terrace restaurant boasts breathtaking views of the bay. Guests can indulge in al fresco dining beneath the stars during the evening too. For a laid-back ambience, ideal for breakfast, lunch and daytime drinks, The Reef Bar and Restaurant is conveniently located right by the beach for easy access. 

Looking for activities to do? You can explore the history-filled harbour or head into the water for a day of snorkelling to find vibrant marine life just a few metres from the hotel’s own beach.  

There’s even a complimentary water shuttle to Nelson's Dockyard from the hotel's private dock. What’s not to love?

3. Hammock Cove

Best for: Adults Only, Honeymooners

Location: East coast

Another adult-only retreat option, Hammock Cove can be found on the east coast of Antigua. One of the newly built boutique hotels on the island, Hammock Cove stands out due to its superb level of personalised service, as well as tasty cuisine and an ultimate measure of relaxation. 

This waterside retreat is perfect for enjoying the natural beauty of the island, with all accommodation including access to an infinity plunge pool and open-air living space. 

When you’re looking for things to do while you’re there, you can explore the scenic nature trail leading to Devil's Bridge National Park, renowned for its captivating limestone arch. There’s also a chance to embrace wellness through yoga, fitness classes, and non-motorised watersports, complemented by rejuvenating spa treatments.

Time to eat? You can savour culinary delights with options such as the chef's table, degustation dinners, and premium beverage selections, as delectable dining is a top priority at Hammock Cove. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Marco Festini, the magnificent Lighthouse restaurant seamlessly blends age-old culinary techniques with contemporary cuisine, presenting an enticing array of dishes such as Caribbean lobster and Wagyu burgers.

On the whole, Hammock Cove offers an idyllic escape that caters to upscale travellers seeking tranquillity, top-notch amenities, gourmet dining, and access to pristine beaches. With a focus on privacy and exclusivity, Hammock Cove creates a serene retreat for a refined Caribbean holiday experience.

When should I book a boutique hotel in Antigua?

Once you have chosen the perfect Antiguan boutique hotel to suit your desires, you’ll need to decide on when you'll be making your visit. Though Antigua is truly brilliant all year round, the best time to visit  Antigua tends to be between December and March, allowing you to get away from the cold winter weather of the UK and onto the sunny shores of beautiful Antigua. 

Overall, booking a luxury Antigua holiday is a marvellous choice. If you’re interested in an Antiguan getaway, please enquire with our travel specialists for more details, who will be more than happy to help.

For more information about visiting the island in the meantime, you can read through our full list of Antigua travel guides which feature everything you need to know. 

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