Experience Highlights

  • Go whale watching with an expert crew providing excellent insight
  • Observe humpback whales in May or southern right whales in July/August
  • Spot various species, from blue whales to minke whales and more
  • Learn all about the intriguing behaviour of these magnificent sea creatures
  • Duration: 2.5 hours - Late May to Early August
  • Type: Group Experience


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Venture out from the picturesque seaside town of Augusta and embark on a thrilling 2.5-hour whale watching cruise around Flinders Bay. Only operational from late May to early August, these unforgettable tours are guided by a passionate crew who provide commentary on the marvellous creatures inhabiting the waters surrounding your vessel. In late May, male humpback whales compete for the attention of females by displaying behaviours such as breaching and tail slaps. Whereas in July and August, the area becomes a critical calving spot for southern right whales who rest before migrating to their feeding grounds in Antarctica. Other sightings here include blue whales, minke whales and even dolphins.


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