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I love talking about my favourite destinations every day and having the opportunity to explore them is a dream come true.

About me

After travelling to BelizeNew Zealand and Thailand following university, I started a career working in the city. However, I soon realised I was obsessed with travel and quickly changed my career path to work within the industry. Since then, I’ve travelled all over the world, visiting spectacular countries and staying in some of the very best luxury hotels.

Some of my stand-out experiences include island hopping in the Caribbean, getting engaged at the base of Mount Cook in New Zealand and spending my honeymoon in the Seychelles. Travelling is a way of life; if I’m not jetting off somewhere new, I’m either planning my own travels or my clients’.

My travel specialism

My specialist destinations for Asia are Bali, Borneo, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Java, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Not only that, but I also specialise in New Zealand, Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Oman.

I’m very passionate about the varying cultures of Asia, which are all individually interesting, and the scenery, which is simply spectacular. Your money seems to go a lot further in these destinations and the quality of service in the luxury hotels is just outstanding.

My most memorable travel experience

It’s so hard to choose just one! Being in Japan right before the pandemic was something truly special though. Not many other people will be able to say they’ve visited the zen temples and shrines with nobody else in sight. It was such a peaceful and relaxing experience; a trip I’ll surely never forget.

My favourite destination: Cambodia

Simply put, the people and history of Cambodia are amazing. Although it’s a small country, the ancient Angkor temples fascinate me with just how impressive they really are. You must go see Angkor Wat once in your lifetime – it’s mind-blowing how huge it is up close. How did they manage to build it? And how is it still standing?

Along with the lovely food and luxurious barefoot hotels like Song Saa Private Island in the south, you have everything you need for an unforgettable travel experience.

My favourite hotel:

My favourite hotel has to be Nay Palad Hideaway in the Philippines. It’s a beautiful boutique resort with only nine luxury villas, so you’re practically secluded from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. During my stay, I received the most amazing and homely service from my hosts. You don’t feel like you’re staying in a hotel, but rather somebody’s cosy home instead. You can walk into the kitchen and speak to the chef about cooking a delicious treat, and they’ll happily do so without a question.

Everything’s included as well, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you want to go out snorkelling, just head on down to the watersports area and ask about hiring a boat. There’s even an excellent surfing spot called Cloud 9, spa treatments and a stunning beach perfect for relaxation.

It’s all super laid-back and high-end luxury with lots to do and explore during your visit.

Service commitment from you:

Part of what I love so much about my job is creating huge multi-centre trips that work seamlessly. Most of my day is spent dealing with the logistics of getting between destinations such as Indochina or Japan. So, trying to find the perfect flights that only operate once or twice a week and connecting that with what my clients want is something I really pride myself on.

Being able to put luxury ideas together and match the needs of my clients is well worth the effort.

Your top tips for travellers:

  • Always travel with a credit or debit card – with no fees for transactions abroad.
  • Aim to visit the top tourist spots off-peak in the early morning or lunchtime.
  • Ask and check if you need to pre-book anything in advance.

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