Experience Highlights

  • The M1009 Blazer is built for a ride in style and comfort combined with no limits as to where you can go
  • Guides are experienced, knowledgeable and fun! They take you to the most jaw-dropping views
  • Keep your eyes peeled and you just might glimpse a rattlesnake or one of the big cats that roam the land
  • Photos of your daytime tour are included for free via SmugMug!
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Type: Group Experience


Travel Specialist

I'm here to tailor-make your perfect Scottsdale Phoenix Mesa holiday. Give me a call and I'll use my expertise to create your personalised experience.

Made to master sandy trails, slippery slopes and rocky hills, the military-style M1009 Chevy Blazer is your perfect vessel across the Sonoran Desert. Set with a powerful diesel V8 engine and the best shock available, your ride will glide by rattlesnakes, big cats and cacti in comfort and style. The expert guides design your routes, so you can trust the road ahead and simply soak in the desert’s stunning views of the red-dusted desert and Arizona sky.

Professional photographs will be taken throughout your adventure, to capture magical moments in time. Enjoy a complimentary transfer back to your hotel at the end of the day.


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