Experience Highlights

  • Follow the scenic trail along the Vermilion River, iced over by sub-zero Canadian winter temperatures
  • Learn all about the cultural treasure of Paint Pots, rich in history
  • Pass the bubbling natural pools in Paint Pots, used by First Nations people for rock painting
  • Taste the sweet Canadian dessert of hot taffy, frozen by snow
  • Duration: 4 - 5 hours


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This easy snowshoeing tour is a wonderful adventure for both adults and children. Follow the trail along the frozen Vermilion River and through a pine forest to the cultural treasure of Paint Pots. On your journey, learn all about the fascinating history of Paint Pots, from the fur trade to the bubbling mineral pools used for rock painting by the First Nations people. You’ll also learn about Banff’s rich history of indigenous people, explorers and fur traders who resided in the Canadian Rockies and travelled through it regularly.

When you have finished your snowshoe winter walk, get a taste of Canada with a unique treat made from hot taffy that is poured into the snow, making a delicious frozen dessert. While you’re waiting for this to be made, enjoy a crazy carpet slide — fun for all the family.

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