For those craving an unforgettable Christmas, with all the best bits included and the cold weather left behind, the Maldives is the hotspot for a holiday of festive fun. With sweeping beaches, crystal clear skies and reliably sunny days as your backdrop – it’s not the usual Christmas, but that’s what makes it so special.

There are plenty of places to stay, with private islands and beach resorts abound, each offering incredible experiences.

To gain some insight into the best things to do on your luxury holiday in the Maldives, take a look at our guide below.

What's the Weather Like in the Maldives in December?

A Maldives Christmas is nothing like those we see elsewhere in the movies - with cascades of snowflakes slowly carpeting the USA’s suburban streets, or London’s deep black wintery skies.

Instead, the Maldives offers a very different kind of white Christmas: endless white sand beaches surrounded by clear blue skies and the radiant sun, with baking temperatures to show for it. The daytime air temperature averages at around 28-30°C, and rarely drops below 27°C at night.

The latter half of December, when the real festive season begins, is mostly dry. So, you can soak up the sun with Christmas bonfires, pool parties and outdoor soirées.

What Does the Christmas in the Maldives Look Like?

Although the Maldives glisten all year round, the islands like to add some extra sparkle at Christmas time. Whether it’s festive feasts, gift-giving or activities for kids to ramp up the excitement, there’s plenty of celebratory events for all the family to enjoy.

Set aside a week or so over Christmas to make the most of these highlights:

Big Gala Dinners for Christmas Eve

Sumptuous gala dinners are essential in the Maldives at Christmas time, especially on Christmas Eve.

At the peak of the merry season’s magic, there’s no better way to see in the big day itself than with a fine dining experience like no other.

Picture purpling sunsets and lavishly laid tables, wine glasses glimmering in the light of glowing candles, and majestic palm trees throwing shadows across the shoreline. That’s the kind of setting you should expect to be encircling your gala meal, which in itself is something to savour. The world’s best chefs show off what they can do with locally sourced ingredients, producing the finest gourmet meals to celebrate the occasion.

Meet Santa on Christmas Day

For younger guests, or older guests who still believe in a little magic, Santa often comes to stay in the Maldives on Christmas Day for a meet and greet. Neglecting his sleigh until next year’s round of gift giving, he’s been known to arrive in style; sometimes water-skiing into the resort, other times paragliding!

Whatever way it’s done, his appearance is always a true treat for children, bringing all the mystery and magic of Christmas to them on their holidays.

Meet Santa for Christmas in the Maldives
Meet Santa for Christmas in the Maldives

Things to Do in the Maldives at Christmas

Alongside the Maldives’ Christmas-specific events, you can broaden your holiday to include everything else the Maldives is championed for. The surrounding turquoise waters, for example, are a gift that keeps on giving, providing a portal to an array of watersports, such as snorkelling, sailing, swimming and so much more. There’s also the exclusive freshness of cuisine that comes with dining by the sea, and a rich, aquatic history to explore.

So you know exactly where to catch these experiences, let’s zoom in on the details of all the best bits:

Christmas dinner with a difference

You may be expecting the traditional tastes of Christmas—neatly cut slices of turkey breast, honey glazed parsnips and crispy potatoes—to remain the same wherever you go, but festive dining in the Maldives is done differently.

While you’re here, you might want to broaden your palette with a taste of traditional Maldivian food. The top three dishes include Garudhiya, a fiery fish broth ideal for fans of spice, Fihunu mas, fish fried in chilli and coated in tasty coconut oil, and Kulhiboakibaa, a delicious salted tuna pie.

Explore the Azure Waters at Banana Reef

Curving delicately around the coast, the Banana Reef was the first official diving spot in the Maldives and is now renowned as one of the best diving sites in the world. With an abundance of fascinating marine life to discover in the azure waters, along with majestic cliff faces, overhangs, caves and staggering corals, there’s nowhere better to get your goggles on and dive right in.

Go Snorkelling

If you don’t wish to get too wet, then snorkelling is a great alternative to diving, as you’ll be remaining close to the water’s surface to keep on top of your oxygen supply. Once suited and booted with the essential equipment, you’re free to roam the waters and spy on all the secrets of the Maldives’ intricate marine life.

Snorkelling and Diving in the MaldivesSnorkelling and Diving in the Maldives

Set Sail on the Lagoons

For watersports enthusiasts, there’s plenty of ways to make your mark on the Maldives’ famous lagoons. You can try your hand at wind and kite surfing or, if you don’t mind the greater likelihood of getting wet, surfing and fun boarding.

Not only are these activities incredibly fun, but it’s also a rare thing to do them with such beautiful scenery as your witness. Beloved resorts like Baros, Maldives and Niyama Private Islands can offer you these activities, holding their doors wide open to willing thrill-seekers.

Relaxing Spa Sessions

The sun, sea and cloudless skies are a sure-fire recipe for relaxation. But, you may wish to take it to the next level and indulge in some spa time too.

The Maldives takes its spas seriously, and there are plenty of wellness centres dotted around the islands where you can enjoy a variety of therapies. Treatments range from Ayurveda and Swedish massage to Maldivian spa methods and reflexology – all tried and tested therapies for the mind and body, administered by the best in the business.

Enjoy the Maldives at ChristmasEnjoy the Maldives at Christmas

See more amazing things to do in the Maldives.

Where to Go for Christmas in the Maldives

At Inspiring Travel, we know the best places to go to lap up the winter sun. The majestic Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences comprises one of the largest Maldives islands and is highly popular with our clients, offering free ice-cream every day at the beloved Chill’d café, alongside other perks.

Alternatively, the secluded Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, equipped with an infinity pool and wellness centre, is a beautiful secret spot reserved for ultimate Christmas celebrations.

Your Christmas in the Maldives

Whatever kind of Christmas experience you’re seeking in the Maldives, Inspiring Travel can help find the right resort in the Maldives for you. Christmas is a popular time to visit, so it's best to book early as availability may be limited. 

For families, couples, or friendship groups, we can design a tailor-made experience to accommodate the Christmas of your dreams, with luxury settings and service guaranteed across the board.

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