The Maldives is famous for its powdered white sands and unbelievably blue ocean. However, there's so much more to these idyllic islands than sun-bathing and swimming.

We'd like to share ten things to do whilst staying on the lush, tropical paradise of One&Only Reethi Rah. Some of the options may surprise you…

1. Enjoy fine-dining in a walk-in wine cellar

Reethi Rah offers a range of dining experiences, all of them exquisite. However, the intimate setting of the resort's wine-cellar Epicure is truly one of a kind.

Housing over 4,000 bottles of the finest wines from across the globe, the space can be reserved as a private dining room.

It also offers a setting for the exclusive Jafaaiy Dinner. The resort's General Manager invites select guests on a culinary journey, giving personal insight into every exquisite dish, each of which is wine-matched, of course.

2. Play football on a FIFA-approved pitch

The Reethi Rah is a repeat holiday destination for David and Victoria Beckham, along with their children. Perhaps it was their patronage that inspired the installation of a FIFA-approved Astroturf football pitch recently.

With daily organised matches, and the One&Only resort boasting its own teams, we can see why the Reethi Rah has become a holiday favourite for football royalty!

3. Be a castaway for a day

Don't miss the Seaplane Castaway experience. Gain a whole new perspective on the beauty of this region. Fly above the azure waters, before being marooned on a desert island for the day; just you and your loved ones (and a few staff!).

Go fishing, snorkelling or exploring and come back to enjoy a beautiful barbecue served on the beach.

Could this be the perfect setting for a Maldives proposal?

4. Become Zen

If you want to completely unwind on your luxury holdiay, Reethi Rah offers yoga, pilates, tai chi and meditation classes for all levels. Moreover, the setting above the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean makes doing the downward facing dog completely irresistible.

5. Go scuba diving

Perhaps a more predictable activity, the many diving sites here deserve a mention nonetheless. Reethi Rah has the only PADI National Geographic Dive Centre in the Maldives. So, adventurous guests can experience the resplendent underwater life that teems offshore, waiting to be discovered. Celebrities such as Davina McCall have gushed over the beauty of seeing turtles and Manta Rays in these clearest of waters.

6. Go flyboarding

If you'd rather have the freedom to move effortlessly below and above the water, even this can be arranged at Reethi Rah. Flyboarding is a new sensation, only invented in 2012. Flyboarders have a water jet pack attached to their feet, before flying off.

Propelled by powerful jets, fly high above the waves, dive deep down, and then fly up again.

This is an experience that must be seen to be believed.

7. Enjoy a massage on stilts

Okay, this title might be slightly misleading. But, with two over-water double-treatment suites, elevated above the Indian Ocean by stilts, we couldn't resist!

The One&Only Spa has an extensive range of luxurious experiences and treatments to choose from. For ultimate romance and relaxation, a couple's treatment above the gently lapping waves is a must.

8. Play golf with Ecobioballs!

The resort takes the preservation of its environment seriously, as demonstrated by initiatives like the Coral Propagation Project. What's more, the resort even using ecobioballs for golf!

Golfers at Reethi Rah use the world's first biodegradable golf balls.

So, if you want to practise your full swing on the beach, you don't need to worry about hitting the ocean. Your ball will naturally biodegrade, revealing a centre of fish food. Simply genius!

9. Go rock-climbing

The Maldives isn't known for mountainous landscapes. But that hasn't stopped One&Only Reethi Rah! The resort is home to a 26-foot climbing wall, located in ClubOne. This dedicated area caters to 12 to 17-year-olds, but is open to all. And, of course, the wall is the only one to be found in the Maldives. Can you see a pattern emerging?

10. Or do absolutely nothing at all...

We've barely skimmed the surface of delight and decadence offered by One&Only Reethi Rah, but let's not get carried away.

What's the point of jetting off to an island paradise if you don't spend the occasional day just drinking in the sun? Perhaps sipping a few cocktails...

Every villa at this resort is chic and more than comfortable, with dedicated staff who are always waiting to fulfil your holiday dreams.

Clearly, a stay at One&Only Reethi Rah is all about luxury. It somehow manages to be the perfect place to for a romantic break in the Indian Ocean, as well as a great place for a family-friendly Maldives holiday.

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