Itinerary Highlights

  • Snorkel along the rainbow reefs of Tattawa Besar and marvel at the fascinating marine life that it attracts
  • Get up and close to the largest population of Komodo dragons whilst exploring the beautiful bays of Komodo Island
  • Roam the dramatic curve of Horseshoe Bay, a product of the ancient remnants of volcano caldera
  • Discover diverse wildlife from friendly whale sharks and the indigenous rusa deer to sea eagles


  • All-Inclusive
  • Restaurant
  • Shore Excursions Included
10 nights from £9,299 per person


Travel Specialist

These voyages are a small taste of what we offer. Contact our Cruise Specialists for bespoke suggestions and post-cruise options

Sail from the tranquil shores of Bali to the wildlife-rich paradise islands of Indonesia with Aqua Blu. With tropical ports-of-call across Indonesia including Moyo Island, Komodo Island, Padar Islands and Horseshoe Bay, you can immerse yourself in these fascinating islands with plenty of wildlife-spotting and hiking activities. Experience all of this at your chosen time, as Aqua Expeditions is departing the coast of Bali at various points in 2024, with the option of doing the cruise in reverse.

Begin your Indonesian journey with a three-night, pre-cruise stay in Bali. Wake up in a deluxe room and enjoy a delicious breakfast at Nusa Dua Beach Resort before a day basking in pristine sands and beaming sun. Explore what Bali has to offer, from wildlife and marine creatures to the tranquil beaches and welcoming locals. After exploring the best of Bali, it’s time to voyage to your first port of call, Moyo Island. You’ll arrive here just as the sun is setting behind the lush hills, making for picturesque views of the fishing villages.

After encountering the majestic whale sharks in your next destination, Saleh Bay, you’ll then sail to Komodo Island. Here, you’ll come close to the dense population of Komodo dragons, and experience relaxing snorkelling in the bay of Batu Moncho. If you enjoy watersports, you can enjoy an early morning kayaking session from the ship. Enjoy sailing atop the shallow coral reef through a current-swept passage whilst spotting rusa deer. After hiking up the savannah hill, voyage to Horseshoe Bay for spectacular views of the ancient volcano caldera.

Before your trip comes to an end, you’ll be enjoying a drift snorkel along the rainbow reef, alive with marine creatures that are attracted to its colours. Finally, you’ll sail to Labuan Bajo to catch your outbound flight back to the UK. 

Experience your adventures with all-inclusive comforts brought to you by Aqua Blu. Sip on selected premium house wines, beers or soft drinks while taking in the scenes of sweeping oceans. When you’re ready to take the plunge into the sea, Aqua Expeditions will provide you with snorkelling equipment.

When its time to recharge, do so in their suites carefully designed to give you a soothing nights' sleep. Wake up to breathtaking views through your portholes or windows, or snuggle back into your comfortable king sized or twin bed. Enjoy the suite's amenities including two hours of complimentary access per day to the high-speed Starlink WiFi. 


12 nights from £9,299 per person

Based on 21 May – 1 June 2024

Various departure dates available throughout the year.



Take an overnight flight from the UK to Bali to begin your holiday.
Take private transfer and take a private transfer to Nusa Dua Beach Resort for a three-night, pre-cruise stay.
The people of Bali will welcome you with open arms as they are keen for you to experience the best of the island. Discover the natural beauty of the beaches as they are accompanied by the tranquillity of pristine shores and fascinating wildlife from turtles and manta rays in the ocean to swinging monkeys and orangutan in the trees.
After discovering the best of what Bali has to offer, it’s time to take a private transfer to Benoa Marina, ready to board Aqua Blu and begin your voyage.
Arrive in Moyo Island as the sun dips behind the sweeping, lush hills. Spend the day exploring the spectacular waterfall at the centre of the island, and keep a keen eye out for the wildlife along the way including wild boar, sea eagles and osprey. Snorkel in the pristine waters and marvel at the colourful reefs and curious, tropical fish.
The ocean surrounding Saleh Bay is home to friendly whale sharks that you can encounter up close as you sail through. In the afternoon, enjoy a session of kayaking in the crater of the extinct Sattonda volcano.
After a refuelling breakfast accompanied by the backdrop of the Sangeang volcano, you’ll arrive at Komodo Island. Spend your afternoon in the bay of Batu Moncho and enjoy diving and snorkelling in the relaxing water. Plus, you can experience it all with up-close encounters with the largest population of Komodo dragons.
Pick up a kayak and enjoy an early morning session from Aqua Blu over a shallow coral reef through a current-swept passage. From here, you can catch glimpses of the indigenous rusa deer on the beaches. After your exciting morning on the water, you’ll arrive at the Padar Island to hike up the savannah hill to marvel at the iconic views.
Horseshoe Bay is your next port of call after spending a morning gazing at the sweeping views of the sea passage. The dramatic curved bay is the reason for its name, a result of the ancient volcano caldera. Explore the habitats of fascinating wildlife from sea eagles and Komodo dragons, or explore the underwater creatures with a dive into the sea. End your day with a relax on the Pink Beach.
Begin your day with a drift snorkel along the rainbow reef that is brimming with soft and hard coral that is home to diverse and unique marine life. Enjoy an afternoon of swimming from the ship until the sun sets behind the hills.
Your final destination is Labuan Bajo, from where you’ll take your outbound flight back to the UK.


Travel Specialist

These voyages are a small taste of what we offer. Contact our Cruise Specialists for bespoke suggestions and post-cruise options

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10 nights from £9,299 per person

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