Itinerary Highlights

  • Enjoy a two-night pre-cruise stay in the JW Marriott Quito and explore the best of Quito
  • Discover recent Pahoehoe lava flows on the Bahia Sullivan
  • Snorkel alongside playful sea lions and the colourful reef fish at Espanola Island
  • Indulge in the delicious flavours curated by Aqua Expeditions world-renowned consultant chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino


  • All-Inclusive
  • Restaurant
  • Shore Excursions Included
9 nights from £10,499 per person


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Start off your exceptional cruise through the tropical Galapagos Islands with a two-night stay in Quito. Board the luxurious Aqua Mare and embark on a journey with diverse, wildlife-rich regions to explore on your ports of call, catching glimpses of creatures that have made a home on the islands. Whether you take picturesque hikes up splatter cones of Bartolome Island, snorkel the lively waters of Espanola Island or wander through the Darwin Station and National Park headquarters, you’ll have a holiday filled with natural beauty and fascinating excursions. This itinerary departs at various points in the year, perfect for you to pick what suits you, with the option of doing the cruise in reverse.

After your pre-cruise stay for two nights in JW Marriott Quito exploring the best of the ‘Middle of the World’ city, take a flight to Baltra Island where you will board the Aqua Mare and sail to Bahia Borrero for finch spotting and admiring sea turtles. After a night of voyaging to the other side of the equator, wake in Bahia Darwin to hike, snorkel and explore the penguin and seal population of Genovesa Island.

Bahia Sullivan is home to recent Pahoehoe lava flows, of which you can discover on your exploration of the island. Next is the Sombrero Chino Island, surrounded in crystal-clear water, perfect for your snorkelling sessions. To see the famed Galapagos penguins, you’ll travel to your next port of call, the scenic Bartolome Island. After a hike up one of the spatter cones, you might get the opportunity to encounter some Galapagos penguins and sea turtles before sailing to Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island where you’ll see the healthy population of land iguanas.

A highlight of Santa Cruz Island is the Manzanillo Giant Tortoise Reserve and Fausto Llerena Breeding Centre. Here, you’ll discover some of the wild Galapagos creatures from Darwin’s finches and yellow warblers to flycatchers. Plus, you can also see captive tortoises in the National Park headquarters as well as hatchlings, an unmissable experience for wildlife lovers!

In between excursions, you’ll be dining on the superb flavours concocted by world renowned consultant chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, and rest in elegantly designed suites - some of the largest in the Galapagos. Enjoy swapping stories with your new friends in the panoramic lounge whilst sipping on some selected wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks, or spend relaxing mornings on the sun deck in the Jacuzzi. Send updates of your adventures to your loved ones at home using two hours of complimentary access per day to the high-speed Starlink WiFi. 


9 nights from £10,499 per person

Based on 15 May - 24 May

Various departure dates available throughout the year



Take a flight from UK and land in Quito, ready to take your private transfer to JW Marriott Quito for a two-night pre-cruise stay.
Start your journey with The Best of Quito tour, starting in north in Intiñan town before you heading into the city for shopping and exploring the culture. Visit the monument that stands in between the northern and southern hemisphere, a great picture opportunity! Enjoy visiting the Avenue of Volcanos, Mirador del Muffin and much more that showcases the modern and colonial aspects of Quito.
Once you have explored the best of Quito, catch your flight to Baltra where you’ll begin your journey aboard the Aqua Mare. Head out to your first excursion of the cruise and explore the white beach of Bahia Borrero. Spot finches amongst the coastal vegetation or come up and close to sea turtles with a snorkel in the ocean before heading back for a Nikkei-inspired dinner curated by world-renowned chef, Pedro Minguel Schiaffino.
Spend the morning snorkelling or hiking on Bahia Darwin’s coralline beach. After a delicious lunch to refuel, enjoy an exploration of Genovesa Island with a tender ride along the volcanic rock crevices. When you’re ready to unwind after your dinner at the lower deck Beach Club, enjoy a private movie screening of the recommended Planet Earth documentary on the Galapagos Island.
Enjoy a morning of fitness with an early morning workout or a meditation under the morning rays on the deck before a breakfast to start your day. Afterwards, embark on your first excursion of the day to Santiago Island to discover the lava flows of Pahoehoe. Following your lunch, your next destination awaits. Sombrero Chino Island, home to a small crater that shares the name of the island, is surrounded by pristine waters, perfect for spotting marine life whilst snorkelling and kayaking.
You’ll arrive at Bartolome Island early in the morning, the perfect time to climb to the summit of a spatter cone to get the clear morning views of the island’s Pinnacle Rock. Come back down to enjoy a snorkel with colourful tropical fish and encounter some Galapagos penguins before you sail to Santa Cruz. Here, you’ll head to Dragon Hill to encounter some land iguanas before you get back on board the Aqua Mare and taste the flavours of the region including pan seared scallops and grilled squid.
Spend the day exploring the Galapagos Island’s wild creatures up close in their habitats. Plus, you can enjoy sightings of Darwin’s finches, yellow warblers and maybe even the Galapagos Rails. In the afternoon, you’ll visit Darwin Station and the National Park headquarters for an exciting observation of the tortoises and hatchlings in the Fausto Llerena Breeding Centre. Spend some free time exploring the Puerto Ayora town before heading back to the ship for a dinner at sunset.
Explore the beauty of nature in Punta Suarez. This wildlife hotspot is perfect for catching glimpses of endemic species, including Espanola mockingbirds, marine iguanas, albatross, and lava lizards. After lunch, sail to the perfect snorkelling destination of the nearby islets where you can encounter sea lions, sea turtles, sharks, rays and many more creatures that the reef attracts. You may see a high percentage of unique endemism in its fauna such as Española mockingbirds, lava lizards, marine iguanas, and the unique waved albatross.
Santa Fe Island, one of the oldest of the Galapagos, is your next port of call on this cruise. On your last full day on Santa Fe Island & Plaza Sur Island, whilst exploring the unique types of cacti on the island, be sure to keep a keen eye out for the wildlife including lava lizards, land iguanas and mockingbirds and more. During your lunch on board, you’ll sail to Plaza Sur Island just off the eastern shore of Santa Cruz, a diverse islet where you can do some hiking.
Wake up after an evening of making farewell toasts with new friends and indulge in a luxurious breakfast before saying your final goodbyes. But before you go, you’ll embark on one last excursion, driving up the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, over to the twin craters of Los Gemelos.


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These voyages are a small taste of what we offer. Contact our Cruise Specialists for bespoke suggestions and post-cruise options

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9 nights from £10,499 per person

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