The West Indies is a tropical paradise renowned for its many stunning beaches and luxurious resorts. When visiting for a Caribbean getaway, you'll discover a host of amazing things to do in Bridgetown, Barbados, and incredible experiences in Saint John's, Antigua. But any stay throughout these beautiful islands is incomplete without absorbing the drama and tension of a live cricket match.

Just ask our sister brand, Spectate! After 30 years of creating amazing hosted tours in the region, combined with our tailor-made experiences, they're always surprised at how exhilarating each match is.

Although Barbados holidays and Antigua escapes mostly feature sun, sea and sand, an England cricket tour of the West Indies can provide unforgettable memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The excitement of each game is palpable and the benefits extend far beyond what's in front of you on the day. So, why should you visit the West Indies during an England cricket tour?

1. Immerse yourself in Caribbean culture

Cricket is firmly apart of Caribbean culture. The national sport originated in the 1860s and is a main attraction for thousands across the globe. Featuring a wide range of reggae and salsa music, as well as traditional European and African cuisine, you'll discover a host of Caribbean influences each match day.

Outside of cricket, you can embrace the culture with a premium Mount Gay rum punch tour or luxury deep sea fishing expedition. The vibrant festivals are an incredible celebration of the Caribbean while the many natural beauty hotspots are always worth visiting for a marvellous day trip.

2. Enjoy an island-hopping adventure

From Antigua to Barbados and Grenada, the England V West Indies tour touches on three magnificent Caribbean Island destinations. So, between each game of cricket, enjoy a leisurely round on the best golf course in the Caribbean - Barbados' Apes Hill - or relax on a luxury Grenada getaway at Calabash.

Island-hopping adventures are full of wonderful experiences. You can go shopping in Bridgetown, Barbados, or explore the coral reef off Antigua's coast. Soak up the sun across the white sand beaches, from Black Bay to Dover Beach, and try your hand at water sports like snorkelling at Gringo Beach. Rainforest hikes are also popular for your luxury island-hopping travels.

3. Meet the friendly locals

The people of the Caribbean are always easy to chat with, whether you're at a cricket game or exploring the charming villages. At Kensington Oval, it wouldn't be too uncommon to speak to fellow spectators about the match or enter a different conversation altogether. With the tropical sunshine beaming down all year round, there's no wonder why the locals are so welcoming.

A positive attitude and warm hospitality is always a boost when you find yourself in unfamiliar destinations - and cricket can be the gateway. Even though two teams battle it out for glory, the action brings cricket fans together to create an upbeat atmosphere unique to the Caribbean.

4. Soak up the sun between matches

Relax on breathtaking West Indies beaches and take a dip in crystal-clear waters to unwind after an exciting day watching the cricket teams clash. From the sun-soaked shores of Sandy Lane to the gorgeous Carlisle Bay waterfront, drift away on your lounger and absorb the rays during your escape.

The best beaches in the West Indies share two things in common - peaceful, calm water and white, smooth sands. In Barbados, the beautiful beaches include Brownes Beach which features incredible clubs and Pebbles Beach where horse racing occurs almost every morning. So, pick your spot and take in stunning views of tranquil ocean blues and picturesque sunsets on the horizon.

5. Discover the Caribbean's rich history

Intertwined within the Caribbean's steeped past, cricket's fascinating history has evolved from colonial import to national pastime. During your trip to the tropical isles of Antigua, Barbados and Grenada, marvel at historical landmarks such as Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium and Sir Garfield Sober's statue before learning more on a hosted tour.

From the annals of this esteemed sport to more general tales about the islands, you'll discover so much about the West Indies through cricket. Not only that, but your experience will only be heightened. So, whether you're travelling for a memorable family holiday or luxury honeymoon, our 40 years of creating tailor-made Caribbean breaks will ensure your experience is nothing short of magical.

Explore the wonderful world of West Indies cricket holidays

Every year, the West Indies host England for a series of exhilarating cricket matches across the Caribbean.

So, speak to our Travel Specialists to create your ultimate Caribbean break, featuring fabulous hosted tours from our sister brand, Spectate, combined with our tailor-made luxury experiences.

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