St Lucia is one of the most magical islands in the Caribbean. With tropical beaches, lush rainforest and a truly beautiful landscape, it’s always been one of our favourite island escapes.

So, when Kat Farmer, known on Instagram as ‘@doesmybumlook40’ headed out there for her own family getaway, we were delighted that she shared our love for St Lucia!

Read her blog post to discover more about her favourite hotels and why she loves the magic of St Lucia...

Kat Farmer's Favourite St Lucia Hotels

"When people have asked why we chose St Lucia for our first post pandemic family trip, it’s the easiest question to answer. Because that was the last family holiday we had together prior to the pandemic in October 2019 and it was simply fabulous. To be able to go back and relive those incredible experiences we had almost two years ago was an easy decision to make.

Admittedly perhaps not so easy was the planning this time round."

What’s travelling to St Lucia like right now?

"So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to going abroad in these unusual and unprecedented times. First off yes, it IS very different. But, that does depend on where you travel to in the world - I went to Iceland a month or so ago and that again was an entirely different experience.

However, there’s plenty of information online, plus Inspiring Travel Company will let you know all about the forms you’ll need to fill in. These are a little time consuming when there are five of you travelling, but it’s nothing more than that once you know exactly what it is you need to do.

For travel to St Lucia, this involved Travel Authorisation Forms, Health Questionnaires, ensuring you had your COVID passport details, if relevant - and of course, the dreaded PCR test! I only say dreaded as when you have three teenagers, the wait to see if all three were negative was up there with waiting for exam results. I may have muttered after one went out with friends a few nights before “if you’re positive, we’re leaving you here!"

BUT off to the airport we went with a full bill of negative tests and the forms, which I would thoroughly advise to print off. Print off everything. Having heard stories of a phone left in the taxi, wi-fi issues and a battery running out on the plane, I would recommend making paper copies that will resemble War and Peace - but it’ll make for plain sailing (or flying..!) in the long run.

And once you’re through, it’s bliss. The airports are quiet, there are no queues, there are extra seats on the plane – it makes flying a complete stress-free pleasure. Obviously made even more pleasurable by the fact that for the first time in years, (yes years!) you’re off to paradise."

"It's bliss. The airports are quiet, there are no queues, there are extra seats on the plane - it makes flying a complete stress-free pleasure."

Where we stayed in St Lucia

"Paradise for us was in the form of a two-hotel stay in St Lucia. First up was Windjammer Landings Villa Beach Resort where we stayed in a three-bedroom villa with private pool on an all-inclusive basis. As our children get older, having experienced the joy of an all-inclusive holiday, I think it would be very difficult to go back to bed and breakfast or half board. The freedom it gives them and the lack of worry that we’re going to be charged for 234 Bentleys a day (the mocktail of choice for my children in St Lucia – grenadine, fresh lime juice and lemonade or soda – if you cut my 14-year-old opens, he now bleeds Bentleys) is too blissful to give up.

We then moved on to the luxurious Anse Chastanet."

The Windjammer experience

"Windjammer’s villas are situated on the hilltop behind the hotel and are easily accessible by hotel shuttle bus – which comes quicker than any taxi I’ve ever ordered.

The main action of the hotel happens around the pool area with two pools (there are six in total onsite), three restaurants, three bars, the most divine white sand beach with cabanas and sunbeds a-plenty and a plethora of water sports for adults and children alike. One point to make is that the motorised water sports are included in the all-inclusive package – for us, we spent a lot of time water skiing and on the inflatable rides (yes, I went on Great Big Mabel and no - I didn’t fall off!)

The food choices are bountiful – there are four restaurants to choose from, one buffet and three a la carte (two of which you need reservations for, but you can actually make them – unlike other places I’ve stayed where you seemingly have to book weeks in advance). Again, all are included on the all-inclusive plan with just a few supplements for meals, but not many.

Special mention to the Chairman’s Reserve marinated BBQ ribs! I fear I am addicted (literally salivating as I type) and if I only needed one reason to return to Windjammer, this would be enough!"

Would we go back to Windjammer?

"For us, the main draw of the Windjammer (and why we’ll definitely go back) is the atmosphere. It’s so hard to articulate, but there is something truly magical about the people and the place. Yes, the nightly entertainment helps draw people to each other (top highlights for me were Karaoke and the Silent Disco). So did the daily pool volleyball competition (no I did NOT get involved in this). Or, maybe it was because most people were families with children who wanted to interact and make friends.

This was genuinely a hotel like no other I’ve experienced – and, others obviously agree as out all of the families we met only one hadn’t been there previously. We shall be joining the others again, of that there is no doubt!"

"This was genuinely a hotel like no other I’ve experienced – and, others obviously agree as out all of the families we met only one hadn’t been there previously."

Off to Anse Chastanet…

"So, as you can imagine, it was somewhat tricky, extracting the teens from their haven of paradise. But, a boat trip later, round to Anse Chastanet, we were somewhat forgiven.

Anse Chastanet is another level of paradise. Whilst certainly Windjammer has the fun element, Anse Chastanet has the luxury element. It also has a sustainable, back to nature concept that, when combined with the serenity and elegance that the entire hotel exudes, makes for the most relaxing and pampered sojourn. I can confirm that a trip to the spa for a Swedish massage can definitely help with this… BLISS!

We stayed in two adjoining rooms and, whilst they may be basic with their no air-conditioning or tv’s (tying in with their sustainable ethos), the bathrooms exude pure luxury and the views are some of the best that you will ever experience in a hotel. The magic of the Pitons to the left combined with the Marine Conservation area with turquoise sea, to the right.

"Anse Chastanet is another level of paradise. Whilst certainly Windjammer has the fun element, Anse Chastanet has the luxury element."

During the day, there’s no pool, but that’s no issue when there’s the biggest pool in the world at your feet in the form of the ocean. Not to mention, soft padded sunbeds with butler service (the magic of a flag you place behind your cabana that converts to drinks and lunch – no I couldn’t order enough mango daquiris or fresh calamari).

Or, there’s another beach in the next cove, easily accessible by foot or by complimentary water taxi, where you’ll find the most sublime burgers. There are three a la carte restaurants to choose from at night, including an Indian fusion option – loved by all the family."

The magic of St Lucia

"St Lucia is most definitely not simply a hotel resort. The magic of the island – apart from the most welcoming, hospitable and joyous people – is the opportunity to explore and get out amongst the jungle. During both our stays here, we ziplined, we segwayed, we snorkelled, we went to a water park, we paddle boarded, we kayaked, we water skied, we went on a boat trip for the day, we went on a sunset cruise, some of us learnt to scuba dive, water ski and one of us went jungle biking! There really is no end to the options that you can do if you are a more active family and the pandemic certainly hasn’t put a stop to this.

St Lucia really is an island that has something for everyone. From fun and energetic hotels and activities to unadulterated luxury, whilst maintaining that close contact with nature and a more serene way of life, it’s not difficult to see why we will absolutely be going back a third time."

Visit St Lucia

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