Looking for October holidays to Cyprus? How about a getaway to the Maldives? Or maybe even a memorable trip to Dubai? Warm weather, water parks and white sand beaches feature aplenty across these popular destinations - and now is the perfect time for you and your family to take inspiration.

The hours of sunshine and long stretches of coastline combine for your ultimate autumn escape, so you can soak in the rays and relax. Not only that, but with family-friendly excursions, amazing views as far as the eye can see and breathtaking beach resorts to explore, your experience will be simply unforgettable.

Here's where our Travel Specialists believe are the best October half term breaks for families.

Where is warm in October for a family holiday to Europe?

For a short haul family getaway, Europe is brimming with perfect destinations. There's an array of exciting clubs for children and sunny weather for you to enjoy. Other than getaways to the Greek Islands and beach breaks in the Algarve, here are our Europe experts' picks for family holidays in October.


Featuring sandy beaches, historical sites and sublime experiences, holidays to Cyprus are nothing but exceptional. In particular, families can look forward to average temperatures of 27°C and spend time exploring the country's hidden depths. The incredible attractions scattered around the island, including the Cyprus Museum and Karpas Peninsula, are well worth your time and keep the whole family entertained.

Limassol will immerse you in a mishmash of winding cobbled streets, lined with upmarket boutiques, and its beautiful shoreline dotted with luxury yachts. Elsewhere, Paphos offers superb swimming opportunities and remarkable archaeological sites where you can marvel at the amazing ancient ruins.

October holidays to Cyprus are unforgettable wherever you end up visiting.


Over in the Canary Islands, you'll come across the natural beauty of Tenerife. With majestic mountains for hiking and beautiful beaches for relaxing, this small destination is perfect for families. The mild winter climate starts just a month later in November, making it a brilliant time for you to travel. And the many attractions, such as Siam Park, provide exhilarating water rides for parents and children alike.

Santa Cruz is an increasingly fashionable city featuring some groundbreaking modern architecture while Playa de la Arena is host to sumptuous fine dining establishments and black sand beaches. From pristine sandy coves to stunning landscapes and more, Tenerife will simply take your breath away.

Where is warm in October for a family holiday to the Indian Ocean?

For something further afield this October, the Indian Ocean provides many picturesque islands to explore. Not only will you discover spectacular beaches, but you'll also spend quality time with the family. Out of all these incredible destinations, here are our Indian Ocean experts' picks for family holidays in October.


With villas set against rippling waves and numerous chic resorts dotted around these popular islands, holidays to the Maldives never disappoint. But is the Maldives hot in October? Typically, these isles see lovely weather throughout October, the warm temperatures hitting 29°C while the sun shines much longer. On top of this, the incredible crystal-clear waters are ideal for families to explore while scuba diving.

As there are 200 islands making up the Maldives, you'll easily discover a luxury resort to call your own. The magical Mermaid classes created by Fairmont Maldives are great for kids and suitable for novice swimmers. You'll learn each step, with guidance on techniques for swimming with a mermaid tail.

Throughout these idyllic destinations, there's something for the whole family to enjoy.


Further west of the Maldives is another set of awe-inspiring islands - the Seychelles. Gorgeous beaches, exquisite culinary options and vibrant cultural experiences feature all throughout, ensuring families can create lasting memories from start to finish. Not only that, but you'll also have the opportunity to relax in some of the most luxurious resorts and spend quality time together.

From Mahé to Denis Island, you have the option of dozens of isles to choose from. Mahé is the largest and most developed, with a fantastic market to shop at and plenty of world-class watersports to enjoy. Experience seclusion and privacy like never before and relax with your family for a brilliant getaway.

Where is warm in October for a family holiday to the Middle East?

In the Middle East, you can enjoy beaming hot weather and beautiful views from glittering cities to rolling deserts. Experience the turquoise waters of the stunning beaches and relax in one of many popular resorts found all over the region. Here are our Middle East experts' picks for family holidays in October.

Abu Dhabi

Affectionately known as the 'Garden City of the Gulf', Abu Dhabi is renowned for its incredible sandy beaches and record-breaking theme parks. From Yas Waterworld to Ferrari World and more, your family will experience thrilling heights and unbelievable sights everywhere you turn. As well as this, you'll also discover temperatures of up to 35°C - which drops off the longer you stay throughout the month.

The capital of UAE play host to spectacular resorts which are family-friendly and ultra luxurious. After a day of exploring this magnificent city, why not sit back and unwind while the activities clubs entertain the children? In Abu Dhabi, you can all forget about your worries and enjoy a superb family holiday together.

Featuring a host of excellent facilities, your stay will be magical from the moment you enter your hotel.


Is Dubai hot in October? With year-round sunshine and average temperatures of 31-36°C between May and September, there's no reason why you shouldn't visit this beautiful country. Although winter does begin soon after, the weather is still warm at an average 29°C, making holidays to Dubai in October a must for families. It's neither unbearably hot nor too chilly, ensuring a pleasant travel experience.

Is October a good time to visit Dubai? The gorgeous private beaches, family-friendly parks and world-class desert safaris are more enjoyable in the slightly cooler climate. Legoland Dubai is fantastic for kids while the Burj Khalifa is an attraction you must visit to truly marvel at its sheer stature.

Where is warm in October for a family holiday to North America?

Over in North America, there's a huge choice for families looking at luxury breaks this October. Featuring brilliant destinations with thrilling theme parks and unforgettable wildlife encounters, there's something for everyone. Here are our North America experts' picks for family holidays in October.


Home to high-end shopping centres, over 170 golf courses and brilliant entertainment parks, Orlando is an exceptional holiday destination for families. The balmy temperatures of up to 30°C are perfect for escaping the cold and the range of beach holiday experiences in Clearwater, only a two-hour drive away, make it a beautiful time of year to visit. Families can even expect diverse culinary adventures to tantalise the senses from starter to dessert.

As for resorts, this sun-kissed wonderland has it all. From uber-luxurious hotels to magical havens such as Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, children and parents are sure to have a memorable experience. Walt Disney World Resort in particular has everything you possibly need to create memories.

Be on the look out for educational centres like the Kennedy Space Centre for a fun day out.


For something a little bit different, holidays to Arizona present lively wilderness areas and exhilarating activities. Experience rock climbing, fat tire biking and archery during a ranch adventure or take to the skies on a helicopter tour for a bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon. From serene, picturesque views while hiking to relaxing by the poolside on a warm day in the sun, you and the family will have a wonderful time.

The Copper State offers so many avenues for you to explore, with Scottsdale providing some of the best outdoor activities you could ever experience. Alternatively, you could spend a week at White Stallion Ranch - a fabulous family ranch with authentic activities throughout 3,000 acres of wide-open land.

Where is warm in October for a family holiday to the Caribbean?

Lastly, for sun, sea and tropical sands, the Caribbean is the perfect place to be this October. The family-friendly holiday destinations are waiting for you to discover their amazing beaches. Other than getaways to Antigua and breaks in Jamaica, here are our Caribbean experts' picks for family holidays in October.


A beach lover's paradise, Barbados has average temperatures of 28°C in October, so you can spend more time soaking in the sun. There are many hideaways for families to enjoy, along with incredible experiences such as island tours, private yacht charters and the award-winning Atlantis submarine tour. On top of this, the fantastic watersports on offer range from kayaking to snorkelling, paddle boating and stand-up paddle boarding.

Following a fun watersports excursion with the family, you can relax at one of the many luxurious hotels dotted around the laid-back island. Enjoy traditional English afternoon tea in the comfort of your premium suite and take in the phenomenal ocean views. For utter bliss this October, there's nothing much better.


Diverse history, vibrant culture, unique cities and truly mouth-watering cuisine make up Mexico - a bucket list hit for many. Stretching from Cancun to Tulum along the northern Caribbean coast, Riviera Maya offers a vast array of natural wonders from amazing beaches to historical Mayan ruins and activities to keep everyone entertained.

Observe over 60 restored temples in Tulum and learn about ancient structures from El Castillo to La Muralla. The water parks of Cancun are perfect for children to splash about in and feature water activities, zip-lines, go-karts, virtual reality games and funfair rides. In addition, you can also explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef by snorkel or scuba and relax on some of the most picturesque beaches in all of the Caribbean.

Enjoy an unforgettable family holiday this October

Inspired to explore a sun-drenched holiday destination this autumn season? Speak with our Travel Specialists to tailor-make your perfect family break.

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