Itinerary Highlights

  • Experience utter bliss by soaking up the sun on a lush tropical island of Guam
  • Immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Thailand’s Chiang Mai
  • Discover Sal’s unique desert terrain and Buracona Lagoon’s gorgeous black lava rock in Cape Verde
  • Explore Panama City’s unique UNESCO-listed Old Town on a fascinating guided walking tour
  • Best time to travel Jan - Feb
23 nights from £119,699 per person
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Departs 23 Jan 2024

Enrich yourself in the distinct cultures and traditions of nine breathtaking destinations on a TCS World Travel Cultural Encounters Private Jet Tour. From Hawaii to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Texas, become immersed in a host of exciting activities and experiences on this incredible tailor-made journey.

While circling the globe in style, you’ll visit some of Asia’s most renowned cultural influences.

In the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, explore unspoiled monasteries and stunning dzong architecture among beautiful landscapes of mountains and valleys. When touching base in the Middle East and Africa, you’ll come across a mixture of awe-inspiring ancient ruins in Jordan and impeccably preserved city centres in Tunisia. Between unique fishing villages and iconic landmarks, you’ll be sure to expand your horizon.

Over nine spectacular destinations on an epic 23-day adventure, this incredibly enriching tour will cover a plethora of relaxing hotspots and immerse you in its dazzling cultural highlights. As you set off on your expedition, enjoy utter comfort aboard an Airbus A321 in one of 52 all-first-class seats. The plentiful space and personalised service ensure an amazing experience from start to finish.


Begin your world-wide tour on the Hawaiian island of Kona and meet fellow travellers, expert trip leaders and dedicated guest services staff who’ll join you on this unforgettable journey. Enjoy a festive welcome dinner and stay at the exclusive Four Seasons Resort Hualalai – a luxurious hotel set on the beautiful Kona-Kohala Coast. Before making the first trip, why not take a leisurely stroll down the gorgeous white-sand beach or relax with a calming spa treatment?
After crossing the North Pacific Ocean, you’ll land on the lush tropical island of Guam and get to explore its storied history through the important landmarks and monuments on display. With Spanish, Japanese, and American influences intertwined with the culture of the Chamorro people, there’s so much to do and learn. Indulge on a traditional Chamorro dinner and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the beautiful Tumon Beach.
From Guam, take a flight to the incredibly majestic city of Chiang Mai in Thailand and tour the ancient temple of Wat Chedi Luang. Cruise around the rural streets and peaceful countryside of the Mae Wang region via tuk tuk and visit the bustling Warorot Market to browse delicious delights and hand-crafted goods. Experience a masterful Thai Cooking Class and learn about the distinct flavours of the region’s incredible cuisine in this remote mountainous city.
Known as ‘Asia’s happiest country’, Bhutan is home to the astonishing Himalayan Kingdom of Paro. With sacred monasteries and meticulously preserved cliffside temples, you can experience ancient Bhutanese traditions such as the lively cham dance or spiritually awakening folk music. Enjoy breathtaking views on a four-mile hike of the Tiger’s Nest monastery before visiting the National Textile Museum and marvelling at the country’s major weaving techniques.
A short charter flight away is Kathmandu – Nepal’s captivating capital which boasts four UNESCO World Heritage sites. Explore the world’s largest spherical stupas at Boudhanath Stupa and visit the city’s oldest temple at Pashupatinath. Durbar Square holds important Buddhist and Hindu rituals while Bhaktapur Palace is well-known for its 55 intricate windows. Between these distinctly different landmarks, relax on incredibly soft, handwoven linens at Dwarika’s Hotel.
Light beautiful diya lamps during a traditional aarti ceremony, relax on a luxurious sunset cruise across the tranquil Ganges River and browse gorgeous Banarasi silk on a pleasant shopping spree. Varanasi is a vibrant city that’s home to world-famous temples and fascinating rituals just begging to be explored. Meander through the local bazaars via pedal-powered tricycle and capture a glimpse at the vibrant sights on display as you cruise from one stunning location to another.
Over in the modern capital of Jordan, Amman features a rich history of crumbling vestiges, exquisite restaurants, and intriguing sights for you to get lost in. The Royal Automobile Museum displays 80 vehicles in tribute to the late King Hussein while Jerash’s imposing ruins harken back to a time where chariot races were the norm. Take a day trip to experience the mineral-rich waters of the remarkable Dead Sea and enjoy the relaxing effect it has on your body.
Continue your cultural expedition by exploring North Africa’s former metropolis, Carthage, among picturesque seaside towns and beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the Phoenicians and Romans to the Ottomans, modern-day Tunisia is a fascinating destination full of unique discoveries and spectacular panoramic views. The azure waters and famous cobblestone streets of Sidi Bou Said are one such highlight as you experience everything this country has to offer.
For an island-hopping adventure amid this memorable private jet tour, Cape Verde invites you to delve deep into its dramatic landscapes and gorgeous desert-like terrains. Upon landing in Sal, you’ll immediately be met by swaying palm trees and sunny blue skies. The tropical fishing village of Palmeira and the extraordinary black lava rocks of Buracona Lagoon are unmissable, as are the lush salt pans which are primed for hiking and other explorative activities.
On the penultimate leg of your cultural expedition, visit Panama City for an immersive guided walking tour of UNESCO-listed Old Town. Take a peaceful boat ride along the Chagres River to the indigenous Embera village and learn their intriguing culture before enjoying a delicious private lunch. When arriving back at Hotel La Compañia, discover the incredible history behind the different wings which were all built in three separate centuries.
Austin, Texas
Conclude your cultural journey around the world by celebrating in style with a fond farewell dinner. Before making your return home, a visit to the ‘City of the Violet Crown’ would be incomplete without an exploration of the surrounding area. So, take a relaxing walk from the Four Seasons Hotel Austin and enjoy the time you have left with your fellow travellers. Make use of the luxurious facilities such as the saltwater pool before returning home the next day.


All of our holidays are tailor-made to your requirements by an expert Travel Specialist

TCS World Travel's Cultural Encounters Private Jet Tour

23 nights from £119,699 per person
All of our holidays are tailor-made to your requirements by an expert Travel Specialist
The Inspiring Travel Team
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