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When you visit Barbados for your luxury holiday, visiting other parts of the island helps you soak up the culture of this fabulous Caribbean jewel. Whilst there are plenty of private taxis and minibuses available, there are also more affordable alternatives used by locals and tourists alike.

Realistically, getting around in Barbados is easy thanks to its developed tourist infrastructure and reliable public transport network, headlined by a fleet of electric buses that can take you practically anywhere on the island.

Let’s explore how to get around in Barbados to help you plan your trip

Public buses

Barbados boasts a modern fleet of electric buses run by the Barbados Transport Board. They are equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioning and are reliably operated to a specific timetable and route map.

The buses operate from two terminals in Bridgetown and one in Speightstown. They are blue coloured with a yellow stripe. Many routes are punctuated by designated stops which are marked as ‘to city’ or ‘from city’ to make it easier to know which bus you need to get. There’s a full list of routes available via the Barbados Transport Board, but we’ll cover some popular choices below.

Bus routes

Barbados has over 80 bus routes covering most of the island, with all major cities and towns connected by the network. Popular routes include Oistins, Farley Hill National Park, Harrison's Cave, Gun Hill Signal Station and Bathsheba.

The Barbados Transport Board also offers scenic tour buses, allowing an inexpensive way to tour the island and see its most popular sights. The Rocklyn bus, a yellow bus with an open-top design, is commonly used for these tours, so keep an eye out for it during your visit.

Bus schedule

Buses run at all times of the day throughout Barbados, though the times will depend on the route you’re taking. Buses tend to start from as early as 6 AM, with the last journeys occurring between 8 and 10 PM.

Bus fares

Bus trips cost $3.50BD for a one-way journey. Payments must be made in cash in the local Barbados Dollar as the buses use a fare box system and drivers don't carry change. There are some concessions available such as one for those aged 65 and over, but you must present a Barbados Identification Card to access it. Children under five can travel for free if accompanied by an adult, but they can’t occupy a seat.

Bus experience

Buses in Barbados were once notoriously unreliable and in poor condition. The acquisition of 49 electric buses has modernised the fleet; bus journeys can now be pleasant and comfortable. As with most destinations on Earth, however, the busier areas such as Bridgetown can see packed buses that only allow for standing room only.

Bus etiquette

Politeness and good manners are a valued part of Barbados’ cultural identity, which means bus travellers are discouraged from playing loud music or talking on the phone during a journey. Be respectful, quiet and polite, and you can’t go wrong.

Private minibuses

There are lots of private minibuses on the island too, which are daubed with inverse colours compared to the public ones. These buses offer faster journeys and come equipped with sound systems, both of which lead to a more frantic feel. Despite that, don’t be put off – they are a great way to make short trips and drink in local culture.

Taxi services

Taxis are widely available across Barbados, offering comfortable journeys to travellers wishing to reach any destination in the country in style. They are marked by blue licence plates that start with the letter ‘Z’.

For the more adventurous traveller, ZR vans provide a thrilling alternative to classic taxis. These are Toyota and Nissan vans that pack in occupants and whisk them off to various destinations, stopping at the roadside when hailed. Whilst they’re a little chaotic, they are frequent and also have a helper on board who can give you change.

You’ll find taxis available at most hotels and designated stands. If in doubt, ask staff at the place you’re visiting or your hotel receptionist or concierge to book a taxi on your behalf.


Always use a marked and licenced taxi when you hire one in Barbados. They are generally safe and reliable, but travellers should always take standard precautions such as avoiding excessive jewellery, carrying lots of cash or being abusive to the driver.


Barbados taxi fares are quite affordable since they aren’t based on meters and instead regulated by the government. They are based on set routes and destinations, so you’ll be able to agree on the fare in advance. See a full list of Barbados taxi fares here.

Car Rentals

Renting a car of your own is a viable option and one that’s popular with adventurous travellers who want to see lots of the island. Car, motorcycle and scooter rentals are all available – though cars are generally far safer.

We’d advise booking online ahead of your journey to avoid any problems. Choose reputable car rental agencies which have plenty of good customer reviews.


To hire a car in Barbados, you must be 21 or over and have a full driving licence. Most hire businesses expect at least 2-5 years of driving experience, though this will vary depending on the company.

Rental Costs

Car hire in Barbados varies depending on the car and company you choose. According to most online rental sites, the starting costs are as low as £24 per day.

Driving in Barbados

Driving in Barbados is, fortunately, more familiar for UK drivers than in other destinations, as Barbadians drive on the left and have the same roundabout rules as the UK. However, there are lots of long, winding roads to be aware of.

One note on safety: there is technically no legal limit on blood alcohol in Barbados, which means drink driving is commonplace. Drive defensively to keep yourself safe, and get a taxi if you plan on drinking.

Parking is widely available, though you’ll need to keep a close eye on any local restrictions and make sure to securely lock your vehicle whenever you leave it unattended.

Bicycle Rentals

Hiring a bicycle is another option in Barbados, but one we’d only recommend to a select few. Due to issues with road surface quality, frequent showers and steep climbs, only determined cyclists should hire a cycle for anything but short journeys.

For seasoned cyclists, Barbados can be a surprise hit. Roads in the south and west are flatter than others, and there’s a strong base of local Barbadian cyclists and triathletes to demonstrate the cycling benefits of the island.

Electric bikes offer a good alternative, mitigating lots of these issues and giving riders additional support during harder climbs.

Availability & costs

Bicycles can be rented from hotels and tourist kiosks, though the quality of the equipment varies, and many determined road cyclists advise bringing your own cycle with you.

The better way to hire bicycles in Barbados may be to take part in a guided tour. E-bike tours are popular options that last around 3 hours and are priced between $90-110BD.

Before hiring any bicycle, consult the provider on the local roads and any laws that may be applicable. The main law to be aware of is that cyclists are legally required to wear a securely fastened helmet.

Can you walk everywhere in Barbados?

Whilst many areas within the country are walkable, it wouldn’t be possible to call the whole thing walkable. The island is 430 square kilometres, measuring 23km at its widest point and 34 km at its longest. This makes it a challenging prospect to walk – made even more difficult when you factor in the hilly terrain and heat.

For all of these reasons, we’d advise hiring a taxi or taking the bus to get from place to place and then walking around the area to enjoy the culture first-hand.

Ready to explore Barbados?

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