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My career in travel began when I was 21, working as cabin crew for British Airways. My passion for travel came from a young age and working for the flag carrier airline of the UK was always my goal. I have been privileged enough to visit places I had never dreamed of visiting, from hot air ballooning over the Teotihuacan Valley in Mexico City to the Taj Mahal in India.

Favourite destination: Canada

It’s hard to narrow it down to one! I absolutely love Canada, Vancouver particularly. I love the stunning scenery and the ability to get from the city into the fresh open air in as little as 20 minutes. The natural beauty of the national parks is completely unspoilt and if you are into hiking, skiing or simply unwinding whilst admiring picturesque woodland scenery, then I will always recommend this place to you.

Service Commitment From You

I always aim to give clients an exclusive and tailored service. Needs and requirements will always differ from one person to the next, so I aim to assist in any way I can to make every holiday unique.

Your Top Tips for Travellers

• Try local cuisine at least one night of your trip! Get recommendations and pre-book before you depart to avoid disappointment.

• Scent is often associated with memories – I recommend taking a new perfume on your trip so that whenever you spray it, you’ll be reminded of your wonderful holiday.

• A travel adapter is a must. Easily forgotten, but essential!

Where have you travelled to on holiday and on business?

Europe: Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Malta, Greece, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands

Middle East: Israel, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Australasia: Australia

Asia: Singapore, China, India, Pakistan

USA & Canada/Central America: New York, Boston, Montreal, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Vancouver, San Jose, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Mexico, Toronto

Caribbean: Cuba


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